Crazy Russian Jumps 98 Feet Off Building. While On Fire.

Crazy Russian Jumps 98 Feet Off Building. While On Fire.

So, you know how in Assassin's Creed, the hero can jump off massive buildings, do a little flip in the air and somehow land alive? Turns out you can do that in real life, too. Even if you're on fire.

Of course, there are a few conditions you need to satisfy in order to pull it off. You need to be landing on a nice blanket of soft snow, for one. You also need to be a crazy mad Russian stunt person.

(via Daily Dot)


    Lies. This is a standard issue Russian. Crazy Russians lead normal lives and don't exhibit bizarre behavior.....

    I hate when a video cuts in the middle. Takes all credibility away from it. Specially when the cut is just before going to the person who fell.

      the first person one is fairly convincing

    Can Kotaku Australia please please filter out all the gif that litter Kotaku US articles before reposting them? In all fairness we probably didn't need to even come into this article as the contents of the entire thing are displayed on the main page.

    So....any Russian jokes?

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