Hitman, Thief And Tomb Raider All Make Up The Latest Humble Bundle

Square-Enix has launched another Humble Bundle, and like just about every other Humble Bundle ever created, it represents ridiculous value for money.

For example, play more than the current average, $7.12 at time of writing, and you get the following...

— Hitman Absolution — Supreme Commander 2 — Hitman GO — Thief — Murdered: Soul Suspect — Deus Ex: Human Revolution

That's pretty phenomenal. Pay $15? That's when things get a little juicy. You also get...

— Tomb Raider — Sleeping Dogs

As always, you can pay more or less, donate specific amounts to different charities, etc. This time round the Bundle is supporting the Make-a-Wish Foundation ad GamesAid. Both are great causes.

Also: great video games. Go for it!


    Too bad it includes SupCom2, I wouldn't recommend playing that one

      Not as good as the original? I loved the first SC, since I was a massive Total Annihilation fanboy back in the day...

        Yeah, supcom and supcom:fa are awesome, but supcom2 took an Axe to the tech tree and drastically shrunk the scale. I still haven't tried planetary annihilation but that looks like a better successor to supcom

        Last edited 19/02/15 6:57 pm

          I'd heard mixed reviews of PA, and my computer is basically a brick with a monitor, so I haven't picked it up yet...

          Let's be honest though, the pinnacle was Total Annihilation

    The regular version of human revolution? With the borked boss fights?

    Eh... Still probably worth it.

    If anyone wants my Murdered: Soul Suspect key let me know. I bought it for $3 from the Square Enix store just last week and now it appears in this bundle!

      Anyone ever tell you have beautiful eyes..?


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