Kinect Is Teaching Cops Some Sweet Beatdown Moves

Kinect Is Teaching Cops Some Sweet Beatdown Moves

So Microsoft’s Kinect was a video gaming bust. Whatever. It’s still got its uses. Like in helping police fine-tune their “use of force options” against suspects.

Kinect Is Teaching Cops Some Sweet Beatdown Moves

Via Attract Mode, the Windows version of the peripheral is being used as part of MILO Range (coincidence?), a training program that’s designed to stick cops in front of a giant screen and have them directly interact with pre-recorded video footage.

Like a bad 80s Laserdisc arcade game, then, only instead of hitting giant arrows they’re yelling “FREEZE”, swinging batons, tazing bros down at the docks and pulling out a little plastic gun (that actually seems pretty cool, since it’s got accurate recoil).

Most of the time it’s using video footage, but sometimes it drops the player inside 3D environments. Or, graphx.

Kinect Is Teaching Cops Some Sweet Beatdown Moves

I’m sure MILO Range sounds great across a boardroom table. Magic 21st century technology for 21st century police work, etc etc. But we all know how shitty it was for video games, so when you see stuff like this:

Kinect Is Teaching Cops Some Sweet Beatdown Moves

…it’s hard to see this working as advertised.

But hey, maybe it does (anything using firearms seems more involved than simply leaving it up to Kinect to figure out what’s happening), and professional police training will get to enjoy a world of Kinect-based interaction that video games never quite got a handle on. And if it does, well, the program’s developers have of course already made a zombie shooter to blast around with.

You can see both the MILO Range clips below.


  • Im sorry. did he just tase that guy into the water? Is that not an incredibly dangerous thing to do? Putting someone who is unable to control their muscle functions into a deep body of water???

    • One guy is black. Hes used twice.

      The guy robbing the other guy is white. The guy getting robbed is white.
      The domestic is a white father and white son.
      The guy with the Harley is white.
      The guy in the white shirt being beaten up is white.
      The guy on the boat docks is white.
      The girl in the subway with the bombs strapped to her is white.

      Maybe you’re colour blind?

  • I loved the low light training. Hey there’s someone in a hoody – they must be dangerous – so we shoot them.

  • After seeing this, I await American Laser Games to start a kickstarter for a spiritual successor to a games like Mad Dog McCree, Space Pirates and so-on.

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