A Look At Project Milo, Which Was Actually An Adventure Game

A Look At Project Milo, Which Was Actually An Adventure Game
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Despite being presumed dead in the water, Lionhead’s Project Milo was once one of Kinect’s most interesting titles. What originally appeared to be little more than an AI chat program eventually was revealed as an adventure game, something we’re only now getting our first real look at.

These storyboard images obtained by Develop show some of the “stages” destined for the game, including a “secret forest” where Milo, the AI star of the game, would wander, players using Kinect to influence his actions.

Project Milo was one of the first games ever shown off for Kinect, when it was still known as “Natal”, and its combination of facial and speech recognition was one of the better applications we’ve seen for the new peripheral.

Those hoping to actually see the thing one day, take heart in knowing that despite rumours of its complete cancellation, Microsoft has been so confusing with its statements on Project Milo that it’s still technically listed as MIA.

You can see plenty more pictures over on Develop.

In Pictures: The lost world of Milo [Develop]


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