Nintendo Is Stocking Australian Stores With Amiibo From Overseas

Apparently that's just how bad the shortage is here in Australia.

In a statement Nintendo confirmed it would be bringing more Amiibo into the Australian region and that some might not originally have been attended for this market.

The statement:

In the coming months, limited quantities of some amiibo figures will be replenished in stores, with some figures sourced from other regions that will feature non-AU/NZ packaging.

The Amiibo situation in Australia has been a pretty difficult one. They have been increasingly difficult to find in stores and Nintendo seems to have dramatically underestimated the demand, hence the need to bring in stock from overseas.

Nintendo also confirmed it would be expanding the Amiibo range on March 21, with new models of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi and Bowser. Toad is also getting his own Amiibo. Where is Toadette Nintendo? I WANT TOADETTE.

These things really do print money.


    MrsBS is hurting for a Toadette figure. Make it happen Ninty!

    I really don't "get" amiibos... and yet I own two of them. THEY ARE THAT POWERFUL, PEOPLE!

      Free stuff in Hyrule Warriors just for tapping an amiibo each day? Yes please!

    Gotta get the stock levels of Mario and Pikachu back up, they're our top sellers!

      In saw about 10 Pikachus in my local JB HiFi the other day. And I've seen the odd Mario and Link here and there.

      I have Samus, Yoshi and Luigi. I want Donkey Kong as well, hopefully he's one of these new stocks from overseas.

        Saw like 20 Donkey Kongs in Target today when I grabbed Kirby and Link

          Dang :P Well I ended up ordering him online so it worked out in the end. I noticed Target had them on their online store but it was marked "this item is not available online". Very helpful Target...I don't suppose you could tell me which stores are actually stocking it or anything...

    Would love to see some Little Mac figures come in.

    Kidding myself.

    I'm lucky I grabbed one right after release, cannot see them anywhere I go any more. I need more amiibos! NEED!

    I have The Villager, Captain Falcon and DeDeDe and still have no idea why I bought them. Send help (and more amiibo)

      Dedede is so well modelled. He's possibly my favourite.

        Just want a little stand that rotates and wobbles so I can mimick his Smash Bros dance

          I've slowly been taking themed photos of my small collection (no idea why I started). Dedede is next, I might have him being fed grapes, or having cocoa pops poured over him as an homage to hedonism-bot (they'd be friends).

          Here's Kirby with some maxim&maxim's:

          Last edited 19/02/15 12:51 pm

    Australia sucks for most collectors cause we have to get them from america so the store charges excess. Australia thinks it's ahead of it's time but we can't even recycle half of the shit we make so there ya go.

    Last edited 19/02/15 10:50 am

    Toad on pre-order for awhile now. Still a month away.

    Yes but what about the actual consoles they are designed for?

    Can you perhaps make a poll?

    "Are you buying these things while remaining WiiU(se)less."

      I'm not buying Amiibos, but I am buying WiiU games.
      Our local BigW has tons on the shelf, as they are stupidly hidden up on a high shelf that you need a ladder to reach.

    Given that a lot of European countries and Japan are overflowing with stock and the only difference is packaging then that clearly shows that there is not a shortage of the actual figures.

      A lot of retailers in European countries and Japan have a cap of 1 type of amiibo per person, which is probably helping.

      There's no such restriction in Australia and the US to my knowledge, so there's nothing stopping someone going in a shop, buying all of the gold Mario amiibos in stock, and then scalping them on ebay. And that's our problem right now. Those rare amiibos you can't find in stores? I bet you can find them on ebay or gumtree at inflated prices.

    It took me about 3 weeks non stop searching for a Rosalina. In the end I happened to find one by ringing a JB Hi-Fi in QLD. Had to pay a premium to get it shipped down to Melbourne but for a collector such as myself. Kind of worth it. :P

      My local JB HiFi in Sydney had one left in stock when I was last in there. Should I have known earlier that you were after it I could have got it for you and sent it down. Oh well.

    All I want is a King DeDeDe, and i cant find him anywhere :(

    Retailers do this all the time with games. Kind of dodgy since they can import it at a cheaper cost than they are selling (fine) because of the Aus tax. (not fine)

    Took me forever to get the ones i have, Shulk was almost impossible, just lucky i got the last one on EB games online store this morning, Samus, Link, Fox were easy to find, Marth was a lucky find at my local K -Mart, Sonic, Megaman, Villager were in stock at target of all places haha

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