Remember This?

Alright game's a bogey! It seems as though cffndncr sorta reverse image searched yesterday's Remember This, and then nicely agreed to redact it — thanks for that! But everyone saw it so we'll just move along and forget that ever happened shall we?

(For those playing at home, the game was Attack of the Killer Tomatoes on the NES.)

Anyways, a new day a new Remember This.

Let's go get it!


    Wonderboy 3: The Dragon's Trap? Classic game, by the way.

      Wonder Boy 3 is still one of the best games ever made.

    Looks like Bionic Commando

      I think he's got it!%5D-0.png

      That was a great game. I had it on the C64, though, which I think was entirely different. I remember spending a lot of time running away from swarms of bees.


      BTW, this RT reminded me of an old ZX Spectrum game that was like the original Wolfenstein, it had yellow brick walls, can anyone remember what is was called? It's driving me crazy.

        Maybe Joe Blade? That had some rooms with yellow walls. I had it on my C64, remember it being good fun.

        The ORGINAL Wolfenstein, or Wolfenstein 3d?

        This Gauntlet clone called Into the Eagles Nest had blue walls

    Ohhh thought it was Commodore 64 Labyrinth at first but, google says no.

    @markserrels - hey Mark, I know it's a bit of extra work but have you consider trying something different to get a screenshot. Like holding your mobile phone close to the screen to get a photo of the obscure corner of a game you own. (i'm sure your Steam or GOG collection could help you there!).

    Just an outside the box thought for something different to get around the reverse image searching issue. you could even add filters to really screw things up :)

      Mark has done a great job on stopping reverse image searching since bringing this glorious game back to this site.

      It will slip through once in a while, a la yesterday, though he has fixed it massively compared to early times. It was terrible at one point.

        Thanks jimbodini - I definitely agree. You're right Mark has done a great job from the days when the reverse search was rampant. I really enjoy Remember This (though I really suck at it) I was just thinking of different ways to do it that add more variety as well as keep it interesting for everyone.

        My idea was just triggered by my thinking on how to get around the RIS problem because it did raise it's head again, but certainly wasn't meant to be the long term answer.

      I swear there's HTML / PHP code that stops right clicks

    @serrels I didn't see the reverse search message! Only that it had been redacted!! Mine was a legit guess!!! /heartbroken

    Double Dragon.

    Edit because I was beaten for Master System version: on PC. The EGA graphics version. There were several executables. One CGA, one EGA, one EGA with a weird flashing animation on the title screen, one for Hercules Graphics Adaptor.

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