Stop What You’re Doing And Play This Video Game Right Now

How do I even describe Way To Go? Here are some words: uplifting, surprising, terrifying, confusing, incredible.

Stop everything you’re doing and play Way To Go right now.

You can play the game here. It’s free. It’s a browser game. It’s very much an ‘art’ game, whatever that means, point being you will not be shooting anything. You will be exploring, not just spatially in a world you can quickly traverse, but with what is possible within a rapidly shifting, constantly evolving world. It’s a game that plays with sound, that makes it’s soundtrack interactive in a brilliantly evocative way. It’s a video game that seems to beg you to run full tilt, but also has the potential to allow you to stop and stare. It’s fundamentally linear, but is also filled with mystery and actively rewards players who explore in different ways, by clicking on different things at different times.

More than anything Way To Go is simply something you have to experience.

It’s left me with so many questions. Who is following me? Why are they tracing my every step with a raised sword. What are the echos I leave behind when I click click click the left mouse key. What am I doing? What is the purpose? Does there have to be a purpose.

I’m worried about writing too much, in case I spoil the sense of discovery I had when playing through this. It’s very short. It’ll take you 15-20 minutes, but it’s absolutely worth it. This is spectacular. I love it. I love it so much. You have to play it right now.

Thanks Lana!


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