The Big Question: Best Mario Game Of All Time?

Okay, I've opened Pandora's Box and now we're doing votes on video game franchises. Why not?

Today it's Mario. Which is terrifying because even if we remove the Mario Tennis games or the Super Mario RPGs of this world, there are still a hell of a lot of games to choose from.

Let's settle this!

Turns out this is quite the list. Personally, I think there are a great number of games you can discount almost instantly. For me it's probably a choice between Super Mario World and Super Mario Galaxy.

What are your thoughts?



      Agreed 100%.

      Nice to see Sunshine getting some votes though. Under appreciated that entry was.

    But they're all amazing...

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    Super Mario World is the best 2D, Galaxy is the best 3D that I've played (didn't play Galaxy 2 but really should).

      You should indeed. It's Galaxy, but even better. Plus Yoshi!

        I actually hated Yoshi in SMG2. The point and press tongue mechanic the obtuse floating ability in 3D space, the hot chili runs... In fact I actually believe SMG2 is inferior to SMG in almost every aspect. It's most memorable worlds and challenges were rehashes of the most popular worlds and challenges of SMG, the switch from increasingly unlockable hub world to lazy 2D linear map, Rosalina being replaced by that obnoxious fat purple star in golf pants, etc, etc, etc.

        If there was one thing great to SMG2, it was the bosses. The Bowser fights were particularly brilliant.

    I would say Yoshi's Island or Super Mario Galaxy. (With Super Mario Bros 3 as a nostalgic favourite. You always remember your first.)

    64 for me. Nintendo 64 was my first console and that was my first game. Just the exploration and discovery was awesome. There wasn't really an online thing so you really had to explore and find everything yourself or talk with friends at school the next day (or occasionally that phone call when you found something awesome).

      First game I ever 100% completed, without a walkthrough or otherwise hint guide.

      Without a doubt the best Mario experience for me, with such fond memories. But I can recognise that despite its amazing achievements, they didn't nail 3D Mario on their first attempt. I think that the large levels in Galaxy/Galaxy 2 did it right. 3D World removed the sense of exploration and wonder.

        Was it just the camera that wasn't right?

        The galaxy games were awesome, but they did lead you a lot. I miss the old N64 exploration of worlds. Banjo Kazooie was also awesome for the same reason. Great controls, big worlds to explore.

    Don't know about the best ("ain't no best" (C) Nas), but one of my favourites wasn't listed: Super Mario Land 2, used to play that all day.

      Yeah, where's the Game Boy love! Super Mario Land is definitely my most played Mario game of all time... though I will admit that it's pretty crappy in the scheme of things :)

        The original Super Mario Land wasn't great, even at the time I remember thinking it felt really weird to play, but Super Mario Land 2 and Wario Land were awesome.

          I played Wario Land so much that by the time I found the last piece of treasure and beaten the last boss the coin counter had maxed out about halfway through tallying the collectibles.
          I absolutely adored that game.

    Super Mario Bros 3, my Dad and I used to play it all the time when I was little

    Next will be "which of your children is your favourite", right?

    For me, it is impossible to choose between 3, 64 and Galaxy 1/2. They span such a huge chunk of my life. I got 3 in my early teens. I finished 64 in my 20s and Galaxy in my 30s. I am now working on Galaxy 2 ( a little late and still my in 30s) and love it!

    Donkey Kong.
    No contest.

    I have very fond memories of the original Super Mario Bros but number 3 was by far my favourite.

    Super Wario Land on the Gameboy.

      Yes! Such a great game - with huge sprites awesome power ups and massive levels. If anything needs a 3DS remake it's this

    Best 2d Mario is Super Mario World, best 3D Mario is Super Mario Sunshine

    Giana Sisters is the best Mario game. Easily.

    Super Mario World. End. Although SMB3 is a close second.

    Tough call. I think they are all pretty awesome in their own way.

    It's a toss up between SMB3 and SMW as the best 2D Mario game, I'd probably lean more towards SMB3 but only just.
    SMG or SMG2 would probably the best 3D Mario game.

    No Super Mario Land? Loved it on the old grey brick.
    Probably played it more than any other, but if it has to be one listed, SMB3

    Like Zelda there are way too many very different games in the mix. Personally I voted Sunshine because I feel like that was the last time they assumed the player had played every main series Mario game before it. It's very difficult but it's almost perfectly tuned for the player who beat everything before it.
    The other stuff is great for a thousand and one reasons but Sunshine sort of marks the end of an era for me.

    I was thinking about this the other day lol. My personal favourite of all time is actually Super Mario Sunshine. Even today it's still my favourite.

    I can't bring myself to objectively say that it's the best, I wouldn't say that it's better than Super Mario World or probably even better than Mario 64 or Galaxy, but it really is my favourite...

    I'd say the Super Mario Bros 3 on the Gameboy Advance. Having a lot of fun with 3D land atm though.

    I want to see distribution of votes based of voters age.

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