'Super Mario Ceremony The 30th Anniversary Medley' Is An 18-Minute Mariogasm Of Sight And Sound

Jamming 30 years worth of Mario tunes and visuals into an epic 18-minute long video remix, the creators of "Super Mario Ceremony The 30th Anniversary Medley" doing an impressive job of honouring Nintendo's famous mascot.

"Super Mario Ceremony" covers the basics, from Super Mario Bros to Super Mario 64 to Super Mario Galaxy, naturally. But it also manages to squeeze in many of Mario's many diversions, including hyperactive renditions of Mario Golf, Super Mario Kart and even WarioWare songs.

The only Mario games that may be missing in this extended remix are some of the more memorable ones from Hotel Mario and Mario Teaches Typing. Wait... are there memorable tunes from those games?

SUPER MARIO CEREMONY -The 30th Anniversary Medley- [YouTube — Thanks Dylan!]


    so.. many.. ringtone.. opportunities..

    So awesome. Just when I think they've run out of tunes, there are more tunes!

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