This Is How Fallout Should Be Played

Fallout, the series is sort of anchored in that retrofuturist 1950s post-war culture thing and I can't think of a single thing that represents that culture more than the humble black and white television.

Therefore playing a game like Fallout: New Vegas on an ancient, still-functioning black and white TV? That seems like a perfect fusion.

I just love this series of pics posted on Reddit. A couple of friends managed to find a working TV, a TV that just instantly screams 1950s. To be honest, it just screams Fallout so the pair decided to play Fallout: New Vegas on it. The results are as good as you might expect. Sure, you lose a bit of impact, but the atmosphere. This incredible atmosphere.

I really want to do this. Old TVs are the best.

You can check out the rest of the pics here.

Via Reddit


    I often wonder how I managed playing games on a 14" tv throughout my teenage years. Building my first PC and getting a 22" monitor, I thought that was amazing having all that monitor real estate I didn't know what to do with

      Crazy huh? I remember my 34cm TV too. Finished so many games on it including Final Fantasy VII and GTA: SA.

      Who needs 4K! :P

        I do, just so I can play old school games on one :D hahahahaha My first PSOne game was Die Hard Trilogy. It looked so awesome on my old TV. I don't want to think about what it'd look like nowadays on an HDTV

          I mean who needs a 4K monitor capable of displaying ultra HD, when even a 34cm TV gave you countless hours of gaming goodness.

          I keep an old CRT in the back room too for older consoles. Tried them on the new TV and games look like rubbish, but they're still ace on the old TV.

      For my first computer, given the lack of a decent TV or spare monitor, I used an old 3-in-one unit with a TV screen about the size of the screen on the Vita, but a bit taller (for a 4:3 ratio).

      When that died I bought a second-hand 34cm B&W TV for $20 or so.

      Of course, it helped that the VZ-200 had a smallish text display (32x16? can't recall) and a massive 128x64 four-colour graphics resolution.

      34cm TV with four player split screen goldeneye.

      Now I play fullscreen over the net against other people on my 65" and splitting it in any way makes it feel tiny.

    That's awesome. Chuck a few mods to make it more realistic (including the graphics) and mixed with the low res of the TV, it'll look like a film.

      Dynavision(I hope that's the one) is good for adding grain effects or old style cinema effects to the Fallout games

    related - I read yersterday that Bethesda are doing thier first ever E3 conference, surely it can only mean new Fallout??
    and I may or may not have wet my pants a little.

      As much as a fallout fan that i am i really only want to hear that it will be a joint venture between Bethesda and Obsidian. Bethesda can build the map and cool little unmarked stories that were in fallout 3, while Obsidian does everything else ( story, characters, quests, mob placement, weapon design etc) you everything that bethesda lacks at doing

      doom will definately feature and im betting that if we see any footage from doom it will be the exact same footage that was shown at quakecon last year only people there got to see. I say this because bethesda doesnt like releasing new game footage ( just look at all prerelease skyrim gameplay)

        Doom and Battlecry are dead certs. 5 mins of Battlecry, 10 mins of Doom and then 15 minutes for...hopefully Fallout 4 (it'd be corporate suicide I think if they're not announcing Fallout 4) and Dishonored 2.

        Bethesda will be doing Fallout 4 by themselves though, but given that they've had the last 2.5-3 years already to work on it (hopefully a brand new engine as well for the new gen of consoles) as well as look at feedback at how people loved the Capitol Wasteland as a location to explore but much prefered the story and characters of New Vegas, I'm hoping their writing team has been hard at work.

        Anyways, I'm excited as hell :D

        Just seems the timing is right for a Fallout 4 and as you mentioned, Doom. None of the other franchises have reached their next cycle of sequels (i.e not in the CoD kind of way.)

    I know im not the only one, but im pretty damn sure that the Fallout series would be perfect for a GoT style tv series

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