Twitch Is Playing Halo. It's Going Surprisingly Well.

I doubt anything will hit the almighty viral heights of Twitch Plays Pokemon, but gosh darn if those crazy streaming kids aren't trying. Currently on Twitch: people playing through the original Halo as a mass collective. Incredibly, they've already beat the first level.

In case you don't know the deal, here's how it works: people watching the stream enter different commands as comments. People watching can comment 'W', for example, and that moves the players forward. The game responds to these multiple commands and there you have it: Twitch is playing Halo. Watch live video from TwitchPlaysHalos on It's kinda amazing that they've actually gotten this far. I'm actually properly amazed. Halo is hard and it's played in a three-dimensional space, I can't even comprehend how it's possible.

But things are getting a bit tricky. They're at the start of the second level and there's a fairly thin bridge that needs crossing. I suspect that's gonna be a fairly severe obstacle for the hivemind.

I honestly don't know if finishing this game will be possible using this system. How will they do the final drive/escape at the end of the last mission? It's gonna be tricky.


    how do they handle the aiming and shooting?

      I can't see them getting a single kill in the whole game via anything but a lucky grenade.

      Movement Controls (not case sensitive)
      Move Forward - W
      Move Backward - S
      Move Left - A
      Move Right - D

      Look Up - up
      Look Down - down
      Look Left - left
      Look Right - right

      Jump - jump
      Crouch - crouch

      Combat Controls (not case sensitive)
      Shoot - shoot
      Action - e
      Grenade - grenade
      Switch - switch
      Flashlight - light
      Melee - hit

    There's no way they're getting past the first pair of Hunters, it's just not happening.

    I checked 2.5 hours after giving up on it for a bit, still at a bridge

    3 days later since I last checked and its still stuck at the bridge

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