A Closer Look At Valve’s First VR Unit

A Closer Look At Valve’s First VR Unit

Just like its Steam Machine idea, Valve is teaming up with multiple hardware companies to release virtual reality systems. One of the first is this one, the Vive from HTC.

This video gives you a quick tour of all the Vive’s gear, including its two “paddle” controllers. I hope you’re ready to answer lots of phone calls in VR games. And/or use spoons.


      • So you haven’t seen their controller lately eh? The one from Valve? That’s one Frankenbeast of a controller… and I didn’t say they *made* it, they’re just better with games than they are hardware. They’ve obviously not got an eye for it.

    • Yeah, Oculus did the right thing buying top tier industrial designers, Valve needs to get this out to an actual designer.

      • Or they could stay focused on function over form first… Because that’s where things will actually matter.

    • I might be alone in thinking this, but if you’re using VR you’re going to look like an idiot no matter what and if I had to look like an idiot I personally would go this route (because obviously the performance of the device is irrelevant). I don’t mind looking like I’ve got some sort of mutated spider’s face plastered over mine, at least it’s not trying to hide its ridiculous appearance behind tacky lighting effects (Morpheus) or a boring all black box (Oculus + OSVR).

      To be serious though, I feel like they all look awful, but something kinda appeals to me about seeing the sensors poke through those little craters, the same sort of tacky but interesting design as the clear plastic bodied electronic devices (e.g. gameboy advance). The controllers for the Vive look disgusting though, no argument there. That said, the Steam controller (the not Vive one) looks pretty cool to me.

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