About Half Of The Studio Behind Driveclub Are Getting Laid Off

Briefly: About half of the studio behind Driveclub are getting laid off, according to Eurogamer. Created by veteran developers Evolution Studios, the PS4 exclusive racing game suffered an extremely rocky launch last year, but a series of updates improved Driveclub significantly.


    Yeah, yeah, yeah - Very sad, job losses and all that ... but ... are they still gonna give me my PS+ copy for free?!

      Well no, you paid for it with your + sub. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Isnt this kind of thing the norm when a game ships (and major bug fixes are done)?

      Unless the studio has been contracted to start development of a new game, I'd say yes. Looks like they don't have much going on.

    BTW, this game is now frigging awesome, well worth picking up.

    The business model for game development is similar to that for Blockbuster movies, it is horrifically hard on staff, but is the industry norm.

    Why do we need it reported every time a game studio launches a game then scales down again like it is a dramatic / abnormal thing?

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