DRIVECLUB BIKES Rated In Europe, Could Be Announced Tomorrow

DRIVECLUB BIKES Rated In Europe, Could Be Announced Tomorrow

It’s not 100% confirmed whether this will make an appearance tomorrow morning during the Paris Game Show livestream, but given the timing of the rating you’d have to think it’s pretty likely.

Gematsu has spotted that a rating has appeared in Europe for DRIVECLUB BIKES on the Pan European Game Information website, which is the European equivalent of the Australian Classification Board.

The rating is different to the rating for DRIVECLUB and says “the content of this game is suitable for all persons”, with the game rated for ages 3 and up. It’s listed as being on the PS4 and has a release date of October 27, although that is presumably the date of the decision being released.

PEGI’s rating links to the official website, although that page has no listing or information about DRIVECLUB BIKES. I couldn’t find any info about this new spin-off in the page’s source code either.

Still, with this appearing less than a day before the Paris Game Show kicks off it’s hard not to connect the dots. And it’s also nice to see that Evolution Studios is still working on projects despite the immense problems throughout the course of DRIVECLUB’s development. (Presumably, of course — the PEGI listing doesn’t have any information about the developer or publisher.)



  • As much as I love good bike games, I’d much prefer to see full customisation and well-known tracks added to Driveclub. But Need for Speed is coming next week…so I guess I’m not too worried.

  • Bikes have never translated well into game form, and I’ve tried everything from motocross madness to gp500.

    Test drive unlimited had bikes, they were awful.

  • Please, please, please bring out another Motorstorm game… I bought Driveclub thinking that the same magic would be there but all I got out od Driveclub was a PS4 tech demo like experience.

    Even just something updated for the PS4, like maybe having all the previous releases updated graphically and merged into one ultimate Motorstorm game that is an all encompassing experience that combines coastal, desert, jungle, snow, urban apocalypse and futuristic post apocalyptic racing. Even the RC racing elements of the PSP game would be worth a rinse.

    Pacific Rift IMO is the only arcade type racer I have found enjoyable in many years – decent visuals, awesome handling and physics, a fun online community and a soundtrack that actually works for the game unlike Motorstorm Apocalypse that (IMO) completely destroyed the franchise by ruining everything I described.

    Please Evolution, resurrect Motorstorm and make the festival of destruction come to life on a machine powerful enough to move the series forwards.

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