Fossil Fighters: Frontier’s Australian Character Seems Legit 

Fossil Fighters: Frontier’s Australian Character Seems Legit 

That’s pretty much Australia, right?

Sure, it’s a little light on what we Americans know to be traditional Aussie flavour, but having been to Outback Steakhouse where I partook of a Bloomin’ Onion and seen all of Crocodile Dundee one and bits of two, I’d say Red Entertainment and Spike Chunsoft nailed it.

I guess it’s because both of the developers of the dinosaurs-meet-Pokemon game are located in Japan, which is much closer to Australia than it is to Paraguay. Had they tried to make a Paraguayan character they might have had to resort to typical Paraguayan stereotypes — most of them live in Paraguay, they eat food native to their region, their president is Horacio Manuel Cartes Jara. Instead they went with what they know, and it’s a better game for it.

While I’m still early on in the game, I’m looking forward to spending more time with Sydney (though that’s an odd name for an Australian). As long as he passes his Warden exam, he and I are going to be the best Paleo Pals ever.


      • It’s a slight reprieve from actually living in Australia, what with the daily croc fights, walkabouts, and foraging for bush tucker just to survive.


        • On Saturday I had to rip the doors off my car and make a small piece of shelter to survive against the hash sand storm.

          Good thing my insurance covers it.

          • I used to have a car, but the force of the sunlight here peeled all of the paint off of it, just before a cyclone threw it through a tree like a stake.

            Foreigners probably think I’m kidding, but no.

          • My car’s parked on the street, but I haven’t driven it in three years. Was foolish enough to park it under a tree with drop-bears.

        • Don’t you dare mock the Techland depictions of Australians! That is high comedy I’ve come to love from those games 😉

  • Brumblebucked is what describes most of Kotaku’s readership if the comments are anything to go by.

  • hey kids! what time is it?!?! that’s right! time to reinforce stereotypes!

  • WTH is “brumblebucked”? I mean, I know I’m not Australian but in the nearly 20 years I’ve been living here I haven’t ever come across that one.

      • A dish consisting of a deep fried onion, served at Outback Steakhouse in the USA, which has no relation to Australia.

      • I worked at a place called “Lonestar Steakhouse and Saloon” back in the late 90’s and they were a Texan themed restaurant and they sold the same thing, (a big, deep fried onion), but they called it a “Texas Tumbleweed”. I think it’s just a variation on the food known as onion rings.

  • Brumby? Oh for fuck’s sake Japan… This is like Jerry Goddamn Lewis and his ‘Asian’ characters.

  • Clearly the PG version of the stereotypical aussie.

    Also, Id like to see Waltzin’ Matilda played with a didgeridoo. It would be impressive.

    On a serious note, wouldnt these be “localised” by at least an english-speaking company? Dont think the Japanese publisher/devs do foreign language localisation

    • On a serious note, wouldnt these be “localised” by at least an english-speaking company?

      They always are, but it’s nearly always done by American expats living in Japan who are often just as convinced as the Japanese that we sound like Mick Dundee.

  • Foolish Dingo! You must find and devour the seven crystal babies, or spend eternity trapped in deep didgeridoo!

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