FutureGrind: The Basics

FutureGrind: The Basics

What is it? The developers see FutureGrind it as a mix of Uniracers and OlliOlli, although you just might see some Trials here too. It’s about a year out from completion.

Who is making it? Milkbag Games, a teeny-tiny indie studio in Ontario.

Here’s a trailer:

Did we play it? Yes, a few Mondays ago at an indie-dev-press mixer at the San Francisco offices of an upstart publishing outfit called IGN (lots of potential for making waves in games coverage over there). The game is simple and tough. You race the course, jumping with one controller button while swivelling the bike with a control stick. The key thing: you want the bike’s blue wheel to touch blue tracks, pink wheel to touch pink tracks. Get that wrong and you die/lose/fail/suck. Get it right and you keep going. There’s point-scoring, combo-chaining, etc.

Got a fun detail? Yes. As you race through one course, you can see other courses in the background.

Anything notable about IGN‘s offices? The have a surprisingly large kitchen area. They could host a cooking show there. Maybe they already do?

Platforms: PC, Mac and PS4

Release date: Q1 2016, according to their slick press site.