FutureGrind Is Unirally Mixed With Trials And I'm Sold

What happens when you take Unirally, add a little Trials and lob in some OlliOlli for good measure? You get FutureGrind, a video game that seeminly instantly popped into my life and my wishlist.

From what I can gather, FutureGrind is a skill-based racer with a twist. You drive a vehicle with two wheels, one blue and one pink, and you have to use the pink wheel for pink platforms and the blue wheel for blue platforms. This seems to result in some hype claustrophobic twitch racing. It looks intense. It appears to have some sort of Tony Hawk style combo system, which also excites me. I'm expecting leaderboards and much competitiveness.

I've been waiting years for a successor to Unirally. Could this be the game? According to the game's creators, the skill cap is pretty high:

Survival is important in FutureGrind, but it’s really just the baseline. In order to succeed, you’ll need to get good at doing chains of tricks. Points are awarded to you based on how you grind on the rails. Balance on top of a rail for a Manual. Boost up into the bottom of a rail for an Undergrind. Dangle from the top of a rail for a Hanger, and so on. Rack up long grinds to increase your score. Do flips in the air for big points. Transfer between rails flawlessly to build your chain multiplier. Only skilled players will earn endorsements from The Sponsors and progress through the game.

In addition to all the trickery and twitch, FutureGrind looks like it messes around with gravity. Could this game be any more dreamy? No word on when this will be released, but I'll be keeping a beady eye on it. It's heading to the PlayStation 4, hopefully sooner rather than later.


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