Game Of Thrones' Cast Tries To Recap The Series In 30 Seconds

Game of Thrones' Cast Tries To Recap The Series In 30 Seconds

The fifth season of the show is upon us, so Entertainment Weekly sat down with some of the main characters and gave them the near-impossible task of summarising the first four seasons in a few seconds.

While there are some expected answers in the video, you gotta love Peter Dinklage and his summary:


    Khaleesi's boobs really are a good enough reason to get out bed in the morning. May this show never end.

    I'm so in love with Emilia Clarke, and that confirms my love affair

    Entertainment Weekly really know how to do 'the journalism'. A great insight to GoT there.

    I wasted as much time writing this comment as I did watching the vid.

      And this one too. Nah just kidding, this one was faster. they're about the same. Why am I wasting so much time??!!?? DAMN YOU WORK!!!!!!!

    "Jon snow gets progressively more upset" is a decent summary of most of the story really.

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