LEGO Matrix Lobby Shootout Improves On The Original

LEGO Matrix Lobby Shootout Improves On The Original

Not only has YouTube LEGO animator Snooperking painstakingly recreated the lobby shootout from The Matrix, he tweaked the ending to solve the movie trilogy's main problem.

Despite the fact that Neo and Trinty are technically slaughtering countless innocent comatose machine batteries on their way to rescue Morpheus from Agent Smith (it's the smell, if there is such a thing), the lobby gunfight from the first movie was one of the coolest moments in the entire trilogy.

Snooperking's LEGO version is perfect, right down to surprise ending.

Ah, much better.


    Meh, the first Matrix was pretty weak, so many better dystopian future sci fi books and movies, especially ones without the massive plotholes and inconsistencies.

    At the time, it was amazing, and had a visual style that was stunning.
    It hasn't aged all that well, but when it came out it was a blast of fresh air.

      I disagree, it has aged impeccably, seemingly untouched by the interceding years.

        Seconded. I watched it just a couple of years ago for the first time since... geez, must've before any of the sequels came out, surely. And I was blown away by it all over again.

    If your not careful Hollywood will try and reboot it ....

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