Metal Gear Solid V Gets One Pretty PS4 

Metal Gear Solid V Gets One Pretty PS4

I would call this the most gorgeous PlayStation 4 released so far, but I prefer the 20th Anniversary model. That being said, this looks nice. Real nice.

Konami has announced a special Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PlayStation 4. The colour combination is patterned after Snake's bionic arm. Pretty slick!

Metal Gear Solid V Gets One Pretty PS4

The console — and controller — both have emblazoned Diamond Dogs logos.

Metal Gear Solid V Gets One Pretty PS4
Metal Gear Solid V Gets One Pretty PS4

According to Game Watch Impress, this doesn't have pricing or a release date yet. But expect it later this year in Japan when MGSV: TPP comes out. No word yet on an international release.




        You can pre-order it if you're like me and live in Japan? Or pre-order it from or a similar website? has the console listed, but are not taking orders yet.

    Oooh that is probably the nicest PS4 design yet.


    It's okay. But the bottom & controller being black, eh, makes it seem half arsed.

      That doesn't look like the standard black controller, looks more like a graphite colour

        Fair point.. It's a lighter shade of a black. Still has nothing on the 20th anniversary edition :P

          yeah it looks graphite and has little burgundy arrows on it.

    Wow, a simple colour change and * bam* looks like such a badass PS4.
    Controller attempt is half arsed, though.

    pretty nice but only because it is different to the norm. still loving my white one....but wish I had the 20th Anv edition.

    You'll never get better looking than the 12300 playstation designed PS4s

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