Remember This?

Congrats to ninjakickthedamnrabit, who guessed yesterday's Remember This correctly. It was Chaos World on the NES. Unreal. Five minutes it took you!

Is today's brutally difficult or way too easy? I can't tell. I don't know anything any more.



      Thinking it is earlier than that and dark reign suggested by @themikky

      Maybe ogre battle or nobunga's quest

        Yeah, I wasn't sure and thought it looked a bit too pixel-y, and I could probably rule it out just by looking at a screenshot to see the cursor, but eh.

        Ohhhhh... We could all be barking up the wrong tree if it's a top down shooter / up scroller...

    Blurman: Revenge of the Blur

    I got nothing.

    I want to say Cannon Fodder but I don't remember the cursor/crosshair looking like that.

    Maybe it's a trick question.
    I'm gonna say Xmas Lemmings

    Jagged Edge? Hmm....was that what it was called? Jagged....something.

    Raptor : Call of the Shadows?

      I remember Raptor being much smoother graphics, and did it have a crosshair?

        Yeah, it did have better graphics after a quick google sign of crosshair either....

    dune 2 enlarged too much? wait no cross hair in that

    Last edited 06/03/15 1:12 pm

    HerzogZwei, but it isn't, looks too Pentium pc era.

    But dangit, I love me some Herzog Zwei.

    Looks like C&C 2 Tiberium Wars - the crashed ship mission, im probably wrong though

    Starcraft 64? I kinda remember the marines being about 3 pixels.

    Xevious, or maybe Super Xevious.. or Fire Battle. Only vertical shooters I can think of that have a reticle like that.

    Wow, this one's brutal. A big shot showing plenty of detail, and it's still stumping me. It's gotta be a precursor to C&C, somewhere in between Dune 2 and C&C. Everything everyone's mentioned so far I remember as being FAR higher fidelity than this thing. Wow.

    It's actually putting me in mind of one of the Battletech games. Crescent Hawk's Inception or whatever the sequel was...

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