Report: This Will Be Marvel Comics' New Avengers Team

Report: This Will Be Marvel Comics' New Avengers Team

The silhouettes from the teaser image released earlier this week have been fully revealed, showing off the line-up of the All-New, All-Different Avengers. The biggest surprise? The Ultimate Universe's Spider-Man — meaning Miles Morales, not Peter Parker — is front and center.

Report: This Will Be Marvel Comics' New Avengers Team

The new roster of Earth's Mightiest Heroes came to light from an apparent leak that made it to 4Chan, which was picked up by nerd culture site Bleeding Cool. As many guessed, the figures on the right were Nova and the Vision, with Iron Man on the left. The visual confirmation of Miles Morales seems to support speculation that this character will be surviving the Ultimate Universe and becoming part of the mainline Marvel Universe. For those who don't know, Black and Latino teenager Miles Morales is the native of an alternate reality who takes up the mantle of Spider-Man, after Peter Parker dies. And, based on the credits, it looks like Daredevil writer Mark Waid will be writing with one-time Supergirl artist Mahmud Asrar and colorist Laura Martin rounding out the creative team.

So the full line-up appears to be:

  • Longtime android Avenger The Vision
  • The new female Thor
  • Someone in an Iron Man suit (people think this is Tony Stark's confidante/girlfriend Pepper Potts)
  • Freshman hero Ms Marvel
  • The Miles Morales Spider-Man
  • Teenage cosmic adventurer Nova
  • The latest Captain America (Sam Wilson, formerly known as the Falcon when he was the partner of original shield-wielder Steve Rogers).


    The new Thor is pretty awesome, So is Nova and Ms Marvel. Im looking forward to this.

    Thats actually pretty cool , I really like this line up and Love that Mark writing avengers

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    Should be called the 'PC Avengers'

      Hah that's exactly how i saw it... Im not a comic book person so i only really know the movie avengers and this just seems exactly like you said - a PC version of the avengers.

      It's like they took every character and swapped them to female / black. Not that I care for any sort of continuity with superheroes and comics (I don't read them but i hear every hero dies each week and is "reborn" through magic or science or dreams) but in the context of this puritanical, overtly politically correct internet we reside in, it comes across as insincere appeasement. Like a superbowl ad with a pro-girl-power slant.

    So who owns the green hands at the front?

      My guess is it's Chen Lu, the Radioactive Man.

      No, not the Simpsons version :P

    So Peter Parker is removed from being Spider-Man.... Again. Marvel only just brought PETER back after the surprisingly well done "Superior" storyline with Amazing Spider-Man volume 3, which won't even last 20 issues at this rate.

    Marvels hard ons for reboots has now driven me away completely as a buyer of their books.

      Where are you getting the idea that they're removing Peter from being Spider-Man?

      We currently have two Thors in the Marvel Universe, and more than likely will have two after Secret Wars. I daresay we'll see two Spider-Men post Secret Wars too.

      Especially with a certain web-swinger making his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon.

      And yes, we'll more than likely have another Amazing Spider-Man #1 after Secret Wars, but that's because #1 issues sell more than others. Also that's a relaunch, not a reboot. Big difference!

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        The whole point of Secret Wars (From interviews and what not) is to combine all the Universes down to a single line. While Peter Parker might survive, he'll no longer be Spider-Man. Again, from interviews, we're going to have one Captain America, one "Thor" (Yes, both will survive, but we have "Thor" and Odinson (aka "Old Thor"), one Spider-Man, etc.

          No, Secret Wars is just an event, like all the others. It's combining the 616 and Ultimate universes, with Miles and who knows who else coming over to 616.

          If you really think that Peter Parker won't be Spider-Man with all the recent press about movie Spidey joining the MCU then you really don't know Marvel or how they market their events :)

            Marvel comics & MCU are two totally different orginisations at this point, People involved with MCU seem to have a bit more of a solid head on their shoulders.

    I fail to see what's so All-New and All-Different about Iron Man, Vision, and Cap/Falcon. They've all been Avengers before, and for quite some time too. Heck one of em's even a founder!

    Thor was a founder too, but this is a different version of Thor so will give them a pass.

    Nova's an Avenger currently (albeit probationary) so he's not exactly All-New, and he's been Nova for a while now so he's not All-Different either.

    The only two that even remotely qualify as All-New and All-Different so far as the Avengers are concerned are Kamala and Miles.

    Colour me a tad underwhelmed with these choices.

    And Miles in the 616 Universe. Hands up who didn't see that coming? LOL

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    I'm pretty sure that Pepper Pots called herself Rescue when she got a suit, also her colours where White and Red.

      She is currently Rescue, but in the forthcoming Superior Iron Man #9 she becomes Iron Woman with a new suit.

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    Could not care any less, Marvel Comics is a trainwreck and has been since Marvel Now and everything they do just pushes me further away from ever reading their comics ever again, AND I WAS A MARVEL FANBOY.

      With their massive uptick in sales and popularity, they probably think their new strategy of not bending over backwards to appeal to old fanboys and instead trying to appeal to more people is worth the loss.

      They will in fact survive the loss of your clearly superior readership.

        *looks at your post*
        *looks at the sales numbers*
        *looks at your post again*
        *looks at how every time marvel changes something to the fanboys dont like, the viewers go up a touch before sinking into WAY WORSE than before, then Marvel changes BACK to original canon/characters gets more readers before dropping away again to the average*
        *looks at your post again*

          30% sales rise since new Thor.
          New Ms. Marvel is onto its sixth printing of issue 1.
          Morales Spider-Man continues to sell as a solid mid tier contender.
          None of this includes online sales, which are doing a hell of a lot better than print.

          With the consolidations they are doing, Marvel isn't going to be releasing 50 goddamn comics a month. The uptick in sales, the cost savings from fewer physical titles to print and ship, along with the long term goal of attracting more kids instead of chasing the rapidly declining 30 year old white guy market means Marvel are doing better now than they have since the early 90s. Sorry son, this shit is here to stay. Suck it up.

            Yeah and it will go down again when the novelty wares off, just like with EVERY change they ever made. (for the record, the thor change is the one i have no problems with whatsoever)
            Marvel CONSTANTLY chase the short term and kids because they killed off the hardcore fanbase a long time ago. Kids will read it to a point and stop. Repeat the cycle over and over again.
            The idea this shit is here to stay, in marvel comics, is just laughable, but seeing as how you just ignore that fact, ill continue the cycle.

              You've got your cause and effect backwards. They kept chasing the hardcore with more and more ridiculous storylines until even they were sick of it. What do you think made comics a viable industry in the first place? It was kids. It was teenagers. They have gone back to chasing kids and teenagers and this time they've decided that knocking 50% of the buying public out as a matter of course is leaving money on the table.

              So far that money has been going into their pockets. They'll keep on with the cinematic universe, which supports the TV shows, which both support the idea that you can read the 'real' stories in the comics. It's building into a successful new media empire with broader, deeper reach into untapped markets.

              This is exactly like the gaming market moving away from hardcore. It's just like the movie market moving away from stories in between the explosions. It's just like music moving away from physical CDs with white guys playing rock n roll. This isn't the latest gimmick. It's a new direction for multiple entertainment industries working in sync. It's about broader appeal coupled with a new contiguous strategy across multiple media types. A big, cohesive whole in entertainment replacing all the old discrete pieces. You don't have to like it, but sooner or later you are going to have to accept that you aren't the target market anymore and their money is worth just as much as yours. Except there's more of them.

                Yeah, They made Doc Ock Spiderman for the hardcore market! haha.
                Dude, i KNOW im not the target demographic anymore. I havent purchased a comic book since Peter Parkers deal with Mephisto, and i lived through the clone saga.
                Anybody my age who isnt a comic book COLLECTOR, either buys trade paperbacks, buys the download pass, or torrents em, they dont really buy comic books these days, so alot of the blame can be passed onto me for the choices marvel makes.
                But even kids want Spiderman to be Parker, Iron man to be Tony stark, Captain to be Steve rogers, etc etc etc.
                This IS Marvels comics latest gimmick, this is simply marvel trying to give b-c listers some time in the spotlight as the mainstay counterparts, they will always go back to the classics.
                In the 25 years ive been reading comics, nobody does gimmicks quite like Marvel, But they always go back.
                This wont be any different despite your claims. But as long as MCU doesnt follow suit, at this stage, Marvel Comics can do whatever the hell they want.
                Miss Marvels Garbage bag costume is a perfect example of that. (for the record i have no problem with the new miss marvel as a character or her taking over, but her costume needs a redesign)

    Don't like this at all, yuk. Bad mistake.

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