Something’s Wrong With Resident Evil’s Season Pass On PS4

Something’s Wrong With Resident Evil’s Season Pass On PS4

I’ve received a bunch of comments from readers reporting they can’t play the second episode of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 on PlayStation 4, despite buying the season pass. It looks like they aren’t alone, and Capcom’s admitted there are issues.

UPDATE: Capcom told me it’s aware customers are having issues, and it’s working with Sony. In the meantime, they recommended players contact customer service.


Some players only paid for the first episode of Revelations 2 at first, and did not pick up the season pass. Since a single episode is only $US5.99, it’s a cheap way to experience Revelations 2 without committing to the whole season upfront, which would cost you $US24.99.

For a bunch of people, the first episode was a pleasant surprise, so it was time to pick up the season pass. (I didn’t particularly care for it.) Thankfully, Capcom provides a discount for anyone who bought episode one, which means the season pass is only $US19.99. Some players who followed this path, however, have found themselves unable to download the second episode.

YouTube user FatalT captured footage of the whole ordeal playing out:

He’s not the only one dealing with this.

In fact, there’s a big thread on the official PlayStation boards with folks having the same issue.

Something’s Wrong With Resident Evil’s Season Pass On PS4
Something’s Wrong With Resident Evil’s Season Pass On PS4

Capcom has not responded to my request for comment, but Sony’s looking into it.

As soon as I know more, I’ll make sure to pass details along. Are you having this problem too?


  • I got a bit of loose change in my PSN wallet. I’m probably not ready to commit to the season pass, but should I check out ep 1? I wonder if season pass will go on sale late in the season like Telltale games do?

  • I’ve purchased 1 & 2 and I’m now interested in the season pass. Do they offer extra discount for that as well?

  • It’s problems like this that make me glad I’m waiting till the retail disk version comes out later this month.

  • I had d same issue when I try to get ep2 and it said no content… what u need to do is from the RE REVELATIONS 2 main menu head to the playstation store and download from there first! because if you go straight to “download now” from select episode or the options button it will say no content… need to go tru from playstation store from resident evil main menu first!! 🙂 hope this helps!

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