The Weirdest Halo Sniper Shot I’ve Ever Seen

The Weirdest Halo Sniper Shot I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve watched a lot of professional Halo and I’ve seen some incredible sniper shots, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

In Halo, sniper shots can ricochet. Every now and then this results in a weird trick shot — a bullet bounces off a wall and somehow manages to take someone out.

But this? This is insane. A still-shot at the end of the video shows precisely what happened. One player randomly fires off a sniper shot, it ricochets off three separate surfaces and somehow manages to still hit an opponent. Insane.

Halo has a history of these weird trick shots. Bullets can also pass through players, meaning that you could potentially take out an entire team of four players with one single shot.

Man, now I’m getting really nostalgic for all those crazy sniping montages.


  • So is that why people like Halo?

    You don’t need any skill to play it, all you have to do is randomly shoot at walls and it will keep rebounding until it eventually hit someone!

  • That edit down the bottom is everything that is wrong with video and film editors these days. Too many cuts and jitters, let the action speak for itself, ugh.

  • Dammit. This made me think of a video I saw ages ago, but I can’t find it. It would’ve been in Halo 3, on that map with the giant fan I’m pretty sure, the guy was on the platform on one side of it aiming at someone over on the platform at the opposite side of the fan, he took a shot and missed, it bounced off the wall and directly into a corner, so came back along the exact same path and the guy headshot himself.

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