Halo Infinite Player Headshots 23 Spartans With One Bullet

Halo Infinite Player Headshots 23 Spartans With One Bullet
Spartan roman candles via sniper headshot. (Gif: Sakanayalugang / Kotaku)

If you had one shot or one opportunity to land a headshot on more than 20 players in a row in Halo Infinite with just one bullet, would you capture it or let it slip? Good news: Both my Eminem reference and the answer to whether or not this feat is possible have been put to rest thanks to Japanese YouTuber Sakanayalugang.

Sakanayalungang, a video game commentator who likes cameras, laughter, and Kamen Rider, posted a banger of a YouTube video today in which he pulled off a headshot on 23 players with a single bullet from a sniper rifle. Naturally, this shot wasn’t a random pop-off in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode, as the 23 players who he added to his body count voluntarily lined up to be slaughtered in the service of this incredible spectacle.

In the video, Sakanayalugang first counts the 23 players who lined up single-file on the Fragmentation map. A few fallen Spartan bodies littering the area suggest that a failed attempt or two may have preceded the successful effort. After lining up his shot and counting down from five, Sakanayalugang fired away. Like a pachinko machine that just hit the big time, the kill counter buzzer rang in quick succession as the bullet flew through the helmets of the Spartans who fell like dominoes. Sakanayalugang’s video quickly went viral on the r/Xboxone subreddit and on Twitter where it garnered over 17,000 likes. It even got the attention of the Japanese Xbox Twitter account.

Now I’m no physicist, nor am I an expert in the shoot bangs of Halo Infinite, but I’m pretty sure those fancy Spartan shields should’ve been able to absorb the sniper shot, at least for some of the folks at the back of the line. Guess the eggheads over at the Spartan research and development team have gotten a bit complacent over the years. Nevertheless, while the short video was undeniably satisfying to watch (especially if you peeped the bodies falling in the sniper scope), sadly the headshot only amounted to 50 XP. That’s cold, 343 Industries.


  • Don’t even say the word physics here, it holds no power.

    Looks damn cool but it’s hard to tell if the bullet speed decreases dramatically or if there’s some kind of latency issues with the death cascade.

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