This Amazing Zelda Remix Made Me Lose My Mind

There are exceptions but, for the most part, video game music remixes are sorta lame. Unless they're really good, like Link to the Future a super weird electro-house remix of practically every song from the hyper-classic Zelda game A Link to the Past. This track had me losing my mind.

Really it's the little details in this one that got me — the little sound effects, the transitions.

The way it drops between different tracks in the Zelda universe is just top notch — and I don't even really like house music.


    that was actually pretty god damn excellent.

    I'm sorry, but that was shit.

    Thanks for the post Mark! I founded GameChops with the mission of producing "not sorta lame" video game remixes! Glad we hit our target on this one ;]

    2nd only to Zedd's classic, Legend of Zelda. This track is an amazing homage to the music of Link to the Past.

    I've been cranking this one lately:

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