This Wargaming Room Would Strike Fear In The Most Twisted Of Chaos Orcs

Not all of us have the opportunity to build our own gaming rooms and your idea of the perfect entertainment haven is likely different to mine. But a gaming room doesn't have to be filled with TVs and consoles, no, before the Xbox was a thing, gaming rooms were stacked with miniatures, paint brushes and bottles of flocking. Girls and guys, feast your eyes on Helge's "Wargaming Room" and let the tears of envy flow freely.

The creator, Helge, describes the process of crafting his house-bound battlefield on his blog, Wargaming Workshop. He starts by outlining the needs of the room:

Objective: Develop a fully functional game and hobby room with good visual appeal and comfort level.

  • Comfortable hosting of a full sized 8’x4’ game with 2-6 players
  • Large, well-lit painting station with elevated table top for comfort
  • Work area with drawer space for tools and materials
  • Display cabinet able to hold ~40 armies (~6000 miniatures)
  • Visible storage for terrain and skirmish display bases
  • Hidden storage for terrain tiles, game boxes and construction materials
  • Kid-security for each cabinet and the whole room (wide door for entry of larger terrain items).
  • Phone, PC and hands-free intercom (wife’s answer to “lockable door”)

6000 miniatures? That's a lot of plastic / resin / pewter / lead (choose your moulding poison).

Helge used the design of the Games Workshop Museum as a basis, at least the colour scheme anyway.

There's no mention of the costs involved ("That’s like asking a woman for her age..." according to Helge) and I couldn't find a timeline, it's sufficient to say it likely took a while to put together.

You can check out more in-depth details and photos over at Wargaming Workshop.

Wargaming Room [Wargaming Workshop, via MAKE]

Photos: Helge, Wargaming Workshop


    Nice, also neat that they'd got some BFG

      With 40 armies, you'd hope he has BFG. Hell, I was hoping to see some Blood Bowl.

    I had a room like that...........then my wife had twins. Me and the boys wanted a puppy but the wife had to try one more time for a girl............

    Last edited 07/03/15 3:28 pm

      Doesn't Work like that. Ask my cousin who now has 4 boys.

        The people down the street where I grew up: 7 boys then finally a girl. Span of like 18 years or something.

    It's like looking at my brothers desk. With slightly more finished painted models.

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