Batman V. Superman Trailer Leaked In Worst Way Possible

Batman v. Superman Trailer Leaked in Worst Way Possible

The only thing that could be worse would be if it was in portrait mode.

The same day that a most excellent Star Wars teaser gets a shiny official release, we get a shaku, barely-focused cam-vid of the next big DC/Warner Bros superhero movie. It's watchable bt just barely. The real version of this comes out next week


    The same day that a most excellent Star Wars teaser gets a shiny official release, we get a shaku, barely-focused cam-vid of the next big DC/Warner Bros superhero movie.
    You shouldn't be comparing a full trailer release to a shonky leaked trailer.

      Huh, I thought you would be the first comment over the spelling error.

        I don't bother picking up spelling errors.
        I know what they meant, you know what they meant, and they know what they meant :P
        It's a slight mistake, no need to jump in it.
        Everyone makes mistakes! :D

    since it has leaked they might as well release the real trailer. because... REASONS!

      You owe me

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    As if the movie stood a chance anyway. It'll make loads of money from people who don't understand narrative or have hard-ons for 9-11 imagery but the critical consensus was always going to be atrocious. This isn't Marvel Studios; (which can only be critiqued more harshly by way of generalisation) who want to sell AND provide a cohesive, socially and culturally conscious narrative by strong casting, writing and producing. This is DC (FILMS); whose films routinely underestimate the value of quality direction and writing and perhaps correctly estimate the value of blowing shit up for no reason whatsoever.

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      I have never been able to work out why DC is so willing to shit on their characters so hard in movies.

        How can you say such things in the face of such wondrous paragons as "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" and "Batman and Robin?" Who can forget Richard prior's masterful performance in Superman III? The awesome spectacle (in Superman Returns) of Superman, who shortly beforehand had been rendered almost dead by a single shard of kryptonite, lifting an entire continent of it into orbit?

        Get thee behind me, knave!!

          Can't fault Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor though, may not have quite been in keeping with canon lex but he was far and away the best part of superman returns

            Can't disagree, really.

            90% of DC movies would be much better with a decent script. As the more recent Batman movies have demonstrated.

        Well if we look at Hasbro and their Transformers property the shitting seems to be a way to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

        Only Marvel try to avoid the shitting.

        It's funny, because, in my opinion, the DC TV shows are awesome, while the movies are utter crap. I never understood why.

        To be fair, they've been doing the same to their characters in the books for a few years.

    So, how do trailers work? I mean, in regards to putting them before a movie. Is the producer paid big bucks to shove it in before someones movie? If not then what's the point in even putting them in theaters first? They know this will happen.

      To build hype, they likely have to pay to have them aired wherever (superbowl, television, cinema and so on) but if the trailer is good, then it is more seats in cinemas, which is more money in pockets. As to cinemas specifically, the pre-movie advertisements and trailers are independent of the film itself so you can have a DC trailer for a marvel film and so on. There might be an argument in there for deals being cut to prevent it but in its base form, it isn't an issue.

        Wait, what? They think people would pay because a movie has another movies trailer??? For reals?

          I am detecting sarcasm (if so, you probably already know the next part) but as it is late I'll take it at face value. It is like any advertising, companies pay to have their product seen. Coca-cola Amatil pay big bucks to have their displays in visible locations at a supermarkets, homebrand don't pay so their product is often sitting on the bottom shelf where other namebrand stuff is at eye level.

          People have paid to watch trailers... I remember hearing stories of people walking out after trailers for Star Wars films have aired (prequel trilogy and the first trailer for The Force Awakens).

    A grim/dark movie that is so lacking in light & color that I have no idea if there are actual people in this trailer and not just shadows. It's like they took the worst stuff from Man of Steel and mixed in the worst of the Nolan Batman films (my god, another deep gruff voice for Batman, Bale has ruined live action Batman for generations to come).

    I know DC wants to be the serious Superhero movie, but for fucks sake! This grim/dark shit has got to go. Just look at their animated movie series... It has colors other than black! It has a few laughs! It has really well done stories! It doesn't have so much angst that even Kurt Cobain is telling it to cheer the fuck up! DC films can be done a lot better. It's a shame that DC studios never got out of the late 90s/early 00s era angst films.

    The same day that a crappy Batman Vs Superman trailer gets a terrible unofficial leak, we get a poorly written, barely-edited paragraph posing as an article about it on Kotaku. It’s readable but just barely.

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