Bloodborne Really Nails The Whole 'Lovecraftian Horror' Thing

Video: YouTuber Super Bunnyhop has put together a cool video highlighting the many ways the game references the work and worlds of H.P. Lovecraft.


    I'd love to get this game, but the whole difficulty thing is putting me off. I like a challenge, but this sounds like punishment. Pity, I'm probably missing out on a brilliant game.

      It's not that challenging. You can easily summon in other players to do all the work for you. If it bothers you that much, just leave your PS4 in rest mode all day and all the bosses patterns and attacks will be reduced to one.

      It's really not that hard. You can always summon some help as Neo pointed out.

      Take it slow, try pull enemies away from the pack so you can 1v1 and know when to go back home to spend your experience points before you lose them.

      You are missing out on a brilliant game. Buy it from EB and return within 7 days for a refund if you dont enjoy.

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      It really is not difficult, nor are DeS or DkS I&II. People are used to games where you can press any button and win - you need your circle button, and every other one. If you don't dodge/quickstep/roll you will die every two seconds. You cannot run into a horde of enemies and slash your way to victory.

      You will die a cheap death occasionally, and it will suck, but most of your deaths will be "well fuck, I fucked up," like getting hit with one of the spectres' (whatever they are) sack full of doorknobs.

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