Dying Light's April Fool's Joke: Flying Zombies

Dying Light's April Fool's Joke: Flying Zombies

Ah, April 1. The silliest day in gaming. Dying Light is choosing to celebrate the occasion by treating its legions of zombies like the ragdoll-ish punching bags they truly are.

Dying Light developer Techland teased out an "important public service announcement" this morning that gives you an idea of what tomorrow will look like if you choose to spend it in the post-apocalyptic city of Harran:

The super light-weight and surprisingly aerodynamic zombies are only going to be active tomorrow, so make sure you've got your fill before they return to their former rotting selves come April 2nd.

(Then again, if you're on PC and know your way around some modding tools, you can pretty much do the same thing — see this zombie being dropkicked into the ocean, for instance. I guess that means PC gamers get to live every day like it's April Fool's day? Hey, they don't call it the "master race" for nothing...)

Also: bear in mind that these new "superpowers" are supposed to show up in Dying Light on April Fool's day. Techland could just as easily turn the screws of the game to make it even more insufferably difficult, for all we know. Now thatwould be hilarious. So hilarious I'd probably start crying.


    GW2 Is in sepia and you run around with your arms out making aeroplane noises from your mouth lol

    Dam, nothing for me, although my mate did have it. Bloody hilarious!

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