Good Morning, Here Are The Terrible Raps From Trials Evolution

Yesterday I gave you the terrible yet awesome Mickey Rourke raps from Rogue Warrior to lull you through your Saturday. Sunday is a much worse deal.

The intro raps from (very good) motorcycle balancer game Trials Evolution are a lot like if a drunk middle-aged beardy guy crashed your eighteenth birthday party thinking he was 'down with the kids'. That it's intentionally that bad is not much of a comfort.

Anyway! Happy Sunday. Lob some Trials on your games contraption and drink something cold.


    If by terrible you mean COMPLETELY F***ING AWESOME! Then yeah, you're right.


    isn't the point of this game supposed to be stupid and outrageous!!!

    I personally love this game. I think the rapping is the funniest part of the game.

    Greatest rap intro for a motorcycle racing game. Anyone who gives Trials a hard time obviously is out of touch with the heart of gaming........ Well me anyway.

    Would Serrels ever approve this sort of thing?? :)

      Surprised he didn't cheekily edit it to sound more appraising!

    Case against the rap is dismissed.

      Kid's got some skills. he's a cute little bugger too.

    How did @serrels approve this! I'm so upset I'm going to eat my lunch angry. What's for lunch I hear you asking.. mustard on a bike!

    Evo music was great and perfect for the game.

    That reminds me that I own this game, got it included with my console. I really should play it! I did really enjoy Trials on the 360, even though having @fatshadylive on my friends list at the time was almost completely dispiriting - I would watch his ghost just VANISH ahead of me and go "HOW?"

    Still love going through the Modern Warfare 1 files and finding the rap there again :)

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