Here's The First English Trailer For Tales Of Zestiria

Video: Here's the first English trailer for Tales of Zestiria, which is now slated to come West in Q4 2015. (It was previously scheduled for Q3 2015.) It's for PS3 only, sadly — keep that DualShock 3 charged until then!


    PS3 only in 2015 for an arguably niche RPG is pretty risky, I haven't touched my PS3 in over 12 months!

    I was expecting the typical cringe worthy performance most dubbers pull out for a JRPG, but I have to say... Wow. They almost nailed all the characters. Leilah is a bit blander than her original counterpart, but I'm not sure most could match what her Japanese actress did, so thumbs up here.

    Well, that's my birthday or Christmas sorted.

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