Men Arrested For Alleged Robbery With PlayStation Light Gun

Men Arrested for Alleged Robbery with PlayStation Light Gun

Two men were arrested this past Sunday for allegedly robbing a young woman in Itanhaém, Brazil. The crime was supposedly committed at gunpoint. Rather, light-gun point.

That same night, the men has also allegedly robbed a young man in the same area, stealing his mobile phone.

According to Brazilian site G1 (via reader and G1 writer Ingo), the men were caught red-handed, and the police were surprised to discover that the weapon had a PlayStation logo. It was actually a modified GunCon controller from Namco. Here is an unmodified one:

Men Arrested for Alleged Robbery with PlayStation Light Gun

To fool the victims, the gun was covered in black tape to make it appear more realistic. Part of the controller had been removed, and the cable was cut to make it less GunCon-like and more gun-like. As reader Ingo points out, it is illegal to sell or import toys that resemble guns in Brazil.

While an orange and a grey version of the GunCon was released in North America and Europe (so people wouldn't think it was a real weapon), the black version was released in Japan. It seems to have allegedly been used in this crime. [G1]

Picture: Divulgação / Polícia Militar


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