Off Topic: Grand Theft Auto V On PC

In recent years Grand Theft Auto releases on PC have typically been a little bit tricky, with optimisation issues and whatnot, but Grand Theft Auto V? The chatter surrounding that game has been slightly different.

In short: it sounds like Rockstar hit it out of the park. I haven't played it on PC yet, but all I'm hearing about is how gorgeous it is, which is a good sign.

The original Grand Theft Auto was, of course, a PC release but in recent years it has very much felt like a console 'thing'. Grand Theft Auto IV might have represented something of a turning point. More specifically the modders who did such a great job of extending the game's lifespan. I can't wait to see what they do with Grand Theft Auto V — it seems they're already hard at work. I absolutely loved watching the game's first-person mode run on the Oculus Rift.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the port and how it runs? Let us know in the comments below.


    Only trouble I have with it is pausing randomly... also self radio cant take VBR so had to re-encode

    other than that smooth as at 4k on a 770

      Wow, is that the 4gb or 2gb 770? I haven't picked it up for pc yet, as I'm on mobile internet till our house is finished in about 3 weeks (even then we have to wait till the NBN is switched on in our street, so could be a while).

      I've got the 4gb 770 with a 4790 and 16gb ddr3, I thought 4k was completely out if the question.

        It will work but you will have to turn down the quality and it won't be 60fps.

          Thats what had me confused. @bluxy is saying "smooth as" which gave me hope. My brain the whole time was screaming "NOT A CHANCE THAT'S AT 60 GRUMMM".

            45fps if you really want to know what a card like the 770 does @4k

              Still pretty impressive! That gives me heaps of confidence, I had a feeling my rig would struggle with it at 1080 but it seems like it will be fine.

      Re;Pausing randomly. Uncheck Pause on Focus Loss in the settings. Fixed it for me.

      There is stuff in the settings regarding to auto-pausing if 'focus' is lost, whatever that means, and one relating to audio I think. Might be worth testing.

    not sure how this if off topic.
    but as someone who hasnt played GTA V on console. i love the game and how it runs. i opted to use the xbox 360 controller as my control scheme, but to my surprise i was running around about to get into a gun fight and was getting frustrated with aiming on the controller, so i instinctively grabbed the mouse with my right hand, but hadnt let go of the controller on my left. what do you know, i was running about with my left hand on the controller and aiming and shooting using my mouse at the same time. i was really impressed.
    also the fact that my system is a few years old now - AMD Phenom 965 BE and a HD Radeon 5850, im impressed that it runs really smoothly. Yes i dont have earth shattering graphical quality, but i would say it looks damn good still.
    and for the most part, the online works really well with the occasional non-connection and a couple of image freezes, but im sure this is a) due to my lacklustre internet connection and b)still part of some of the bugs they'll no doubt address in coming updates.
    all i can say is - Well done Rockstar, thanks for the great experience.

      As someone that has played it through on last and current gen consoles, the connection issues have never really cleared up. There was a while there where it was ok, but connection issues are still happening for current gen consoles.

      Last edited 20/04/15 1:56 pm

      From my experience, the controller has the auto-aim feature from the consoles. I get dominated online by people using controllers over my M&K input. Really frustrating....

    I am getting around 60-70 FPS on a GTX 980 running at 1440p resolution. I turned down MSAA and reflection MSAA to 2x, turned grass down to normal and turned off high resolution shadows. I feel with some more work from Nvidia and Rockstar it could run even smoother with later patches.

    Other than that it runs smooth as silk but it still needs some work, there are many game breaking bugs like the one in the mission Blitz Play which when all the hard work is over the game crashes to desktop, there is a fix for anyone else with this issue.

    Now on too mods, the people at OpenIV are working hard to break Rockstars encryption.

      Prison break is cancer for it, you can fly forever and the police will never not see you.

    Runs fantastic, only criticism is a rather clunky menu system and the Social Club overlay is terrible!
    Everything else is great in my opinion

    I'm not gullible enough to pay new-game prices for a 2 year old game, so I'll report back once it's down to $20-25.

      It's not a 2 year old game, it's a new game. The main story is 18 months old, but the engine, graphics, heists and other activities are all new. As someone who played and finished the game on X360, the PC version is well worth the $60 price tag. No gullibility involved.

        It's still rewarding them for not being willing to treat PC users as equals. Some people are ok with that, I'm not. If I can wait 2 years, I can wait 2 more.

          No problem with that, I don't much like the way they've treated the PC platform either.

    Getting a couple of issues with a AMD 7970 (shadows not loading nicely/playing up, issues when MSAA is turned on) but other than that it plays like a dream. Mostly 60 FPS with most stuff turned to high or very high at 1080p.

      FYI beta drivers are out on the AMD site for GTAV in-case you are not aware.

        Yeah, using them. Still having a couple of issues. I'll check around online for solutions and play around with the settings. It's barely an issue, just noticable. Cheers though!

    in the 12 hrs that i got to play last week before i drove up here to goldie, i had no major issues with my 690 except for a small slowdown that happens on sun rise

    I still associate the original gta with the PS1. Actually why isn't gta 1, London and 2 on gog?
    2 is one of my most played and favourite GTAs

      The original GTA was published for DOS and Windows, and later ported to the PS1. GTA 2 was released on Windows and later ported to the PS1 and the Dreamcast. GTA III was the first to launch on a console.

      For a while GTA 1 and 2 were made available for free download from Rockstar's website, and were bundled in the GTA complete collection on Steam, but they were withdrawn from all PC distribution in mid-2013 with no explanation. As far as I know you can't buy them anywhere now.

    Couldn't play for the first 2 days due to a corrupted download - game would crash loading story mode after getting into the main menu.
    Only found this out by copying the game data files from a friend's working copy (didn't want to download 60GB again!!).

    Since I've got it working it's a blast! Big improvement over GTA IV IMO.
    Still get the occasional "GTA V has stopped responding" crashes during missions however. Have had about 3 crashes in 10+ hours game play.

    I've got all settings on Very High running at 1080 with FXAA, getting 40-60 stable FPS with my GTX 670. Looks fantastic.

      Does yours get choppy and stuttering after about 30 minutes?

      I'm copping that with my 670 and its getting annoying.

        No I haven't had that issue... I'm actually surprised at how well it runs.
        What CPU do you have? I'm running an i5 3570.
        Take a look at this:

        Try tweak your settings until it's right - I'm sitting at over 2.5gb VRAM usage according to the game settings and it's still fine.

    Does anyone have and tips on where to get a, (relatively), cheap steam key for this?

      I guess you could scour the internet/ebay/G2A/Kinguin for a key. The cheapest I found after a 5 minute search was about $77 AUD from G2A, but I don't know if I'd trust that.
      Otherwise the only way to get a steam key is from steam itself.

      I'm a cheap bastard, so went the $40 AUD route via Nuuvem.
      I would have loved to have a steam key but I can't swallow a $50 premium ($90 on steam) just for steam integration.

      Last edited 20/04/15 11:56 am

        Bought mine off of G2A for $66 AUD on Saturday. Stuff paying $100 AUD on Steam. Bloody rip off merchants.

      I did see the game for $60usd in the Humble Bundle store.

      Green Man Gaming had it for the same recently.

      I'm not sure if they are still the same price.

      Last edited 20/04/15 1:08 pm is $47 (Or something) after the 20% off code on their front page.

      Edit: I can't remember if that's AU or Us though. If it's US, then it'll work out to about $60 AU.

      Last edited 20/04/15 2:17 pm

        Yeah greenmangaming is always in USD, and the keys are for Rockstar social club not steam unfortunately.

          Sorry, didn't see that he was looking for Steam in particular (Edit, well I saw it, but my brain auto-generalised Steam to PC lol). And aren't most the 3rd party sites keys for GTA V RSSC keys anyway? Regardless, you have to deal with the social club anyway which sucks. Another case where all the anti piracy measures only end up hurting paying users.

          But I digress. I guess he'll just have to pay the 'Steam premium' as you put it ;)

          Last edited 20/04/15 2:46 pm

    I'm that sad case that bought GTA 5 - 3 times. When it first came out on X360, then on PS4, now on PC. Do I regret it? Not at all.
    I spend a lot of money on games. I like to buy new games as they are released, so I pay the highest price.
    My point is, I spend $80 on new games which are crap and last 5-10 hours. I've spent around $200 on purchasing GTA 5 three times and I'm ok with that.
    I think Rockstar have done an amazing job and if I were to scale price on quality and longevity of game, then at $200 I'm getting a bargain.

      Glad you are enjoying it. I bought Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd three times, all on Vita (although this was partly due to me stuffing up). I imported the JP version, then bought the NTSC version by accident, thinking it was the EU version, then bought the digital EU version so that I could play while selling the NTSC version and replacing it with the physical EU version. So actually four times but sold once :-P

      I also bought two copies of Dragon's Crown (separate occasions) from EB Games (Vita) on the off chance that I would do some ad-hoc wireless co-op with someone at some point (hasn't happened yet) but the clerk at EB Games, when buying the second copy, had the gall to question me on this in front of several customers, implying that I was senile or something.

      Anyway, my point is that there is nothing wrong with buying more than one copy of a game, even if it is just for yourself. At least we're not hurting anyone, right?

        I would suspect that some people would be inclined to purchase it once and think that they now own the rights to download on any other platform illegally (i.e. I bought it on PS4, so now I should be allowed to download it onto PC as I already own the game).

        Personally, I find this to be a grey area. If you liken it to a "buying a car" scenario...would buying the new platform version be like upgrading from a 2010 VW Golf to a 2015 VW Golf. I think this type of scenario would be more like upgrading from GTA 4 to GTA 5. Not GTA 5 PS4 to GTA 5 PC.

        Be interested to know what other people think?

          Well, I bought the collectors ed on 360 for $170AUD, then the digital ed for x1 $99AUD and at least 3 of the $20 shark cards.
          And I plan on buying the PC version as soon as I get access to downloads again.

          Buying one license for one platform doesn't entitle me to free licenses on other platforms. Some people may feel differently and thats their perogative, but I prefer to keep things above board since becoming an adult many years ago.

    I would play it - but after installing from the 7 DVDs and downloading and installing four mandatory patches totalling over 6 GB, the game fails to launch. I suspect it's due to a corrupted patch download.

    I've had no response to my support ticket from Rockstar for five days, JB HiFi won't refund my money and I'm not allowed to sell it. So essentially I've spent $80.00 and a substantial amount of time on a faulty product.

    incomplete app for the pc - ifruit doesnt connect to pc game accounts, so I cant custom my cars or train chop on my smartphone despite the tooltips that keep popping up telling me to do so!

    Running fantastically @1080p with two 770's in SLI.

    My biggest issue is that (I got it on steam) all the text in the steam in-game overlay and the R* Social Club overlay, is blurry/jagged to the point it's unreadable. It's like there are scaling/resolution problems only for the text. Very very irritating.

    The other problem I have is that the auto-aim that you get with the controller absolutely trumps the mouse and keyboard method. Looks like it runs great on PC, but is still meant to be played with a controller....

    runs well on my GT660ti.
    upgrading to a R9 this week though,
    only slow down i get on the 660 is after pausing for a while, it runs really choppy and quick for a few seconds, then clears up.
    75 hours or so on it

    Runs fine on my PC, haven't really played around with the settings though.

    Honestly, I'm having the hard time actually getting into it. Same problem I had with GTA4.
    After driving around for a bit I just don't see much point.
    Maybe it's just Franklin's intro missions are bloody boring and his gangster speak is really pissing me off.
    I know I should give it a bit more than the 1 hour I've played so far....

    Very happy so far.

    Few game crashes every now and again, but not enough to be annoying.

    So far I've clocked about 35 hours playing with friends and it's been great!


    It runs awesome on my aging hardware, and that I get a constant 70fps is even better.

    Only issue is 'Self Radio' when accessing my own music makes the game drop frames and screen tear like a motherfucker. Apparently it's a common issue so i'm not too worried. Just hope Rockstar is working on a fix.

    So I was just monumentally unlucky that the thing wouldn't run for me at all after installation due to what I think were 'social club' issues? This was after I decided to buy it on disc as I didn't want to wait for the download. 7 DVDs later though...

    Fixed it eventually after a few hours of guesswork and some moving around of file folders, lucky I'm super patient.

    I have noticed something strange. On my rig it runs perfectly 60+fps 1080 with almost everything maxed out. But I've noticed there's a microstutter. The movement will all be fluid and stuff but then it'll just pause for like a quarter of a second then go normal again. This stutter happens once maybe every 1 - 1.5 seconds. Mr specs are:

    - i5 3570K
    - 8GB RAM
    - HD6990
    - CM 1kW Gold PSU
    - 128GB SSD for Windows and 1TB 7200rpm for everything else.

    Results have been the same no matter what I've tried. Anyone else having similar issues?

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      I'm sure you've tried this already, but a friend of mine was having similar issues on his R9 290 - updating to the latest AMD beta drivers fixed everything.

        Oooooh I hadn't tried that. RaptR or whatever that program is said my drivers are sweet.

        Thanks legends and ladies!

      As warchest said above, get them beta drivers. Fixed my the exact same issue you have for me

    Steam uninstalled my game!

    It was doing an update and when I came back steam closed itself, went to start GTA and it was marked as uninstalled!

    I got to play at least 13 hours and now I have to re-download 60gb's again, which will take like 8 hours because my internet is going slow for some unknown reason :/

    My PC is 3 years old (i5 2500, GTX670) and the game runs great in 1080p with most stuff on high.

    But I want those high quality textures so am eyeing off an upgrade..

    Runs perfect on my GTX780 1080p 60fps.

    Load times & drop outs (even with a ssd)
    Shitty social club
    laggy controls (both keyboard and xbox controller)

    and thank god i got $500000 on presale

      What do you mean by drop outs? As in when playing online?
      Also i don't have any loading issues at all on my SSD, i've got a Crucial MX100 256GB.
      How much free space do you have?

      If you have laggy controls, check that Vsync is turned off, it can introduce input lag.
      Open task manager and change the priority of the GTAV.exe process to "High", this can improve how the game engine runs. CPU load on GTAV seems extremely high, i only have a i5 3470 clocked at 3.6Ghz, but i still hit 80-100% CPU load when in the city with population density maxed.

    Game is actually very good! Never even gave it a second thought while it was only for consoles and waited purely for the PC release. Running an i7 4770K, 8GB RAM and 7970 XFX Black 3gb. 1080P and full texture settings, runs very smooth and looks absolutely gorgeous. Will be carting my computer into my loungeroom to enjoy on my 55" 100hz 1080P LCD sometime this week while the wifes on the graveyard shift ;)

    As for gameplay, really enjoying it so far. The attention to detail is awesome from little things like cars sagging slightly when character gets in, door handles actually being used, couches compressing under the weight of someone sitting down to proper physics consequences like shooting out a car tyre and watching the vehicle swerve across lanes. Rockstar have really taken the time and effort to ensure that this game is top quality and they should be applauded for it. Now I just have to find some more time with it, being the father of a 17 month old little girl doesn't give me a lot of free time in the evenings however once 7pm rolls around and she's down for the night, all bets are off ;)

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