Some Bloodborne Deaths Are Just Mean

Some Bloodborne Deaths Are Just Mean

When this happened to me, I couldn’t stop laughing for a straight minute. Perhaps the most dastardly section of Bloodborne — the one I was happiest to leave — was the Forbidden Woods. There are hidden traps, powerful enemies, and endless twists and turns.

One section of the Forbidden Woods starts off innocent enough. There are two enemies near a bridge, enemies you’ve faced a million times before. In the clip below, some co-op partners have already cleared them out, and are exploring the nearby ledges to pick up some useful items.

With the area seemingly clear of danger, they decide to move on. Then, this happens.

Some Bloodborne Deaths Are Just Mean

Ouch, that’s too bad. At least you’re not dead, right? You have a chance to catch your breath.

That’s not true, actually. Within seconds, the swinging death machine comes back, and…well…

Some Bloodborne Deaths Are Just Mean

Not only does the damn thing come back, it falls off and comes stumbling towards you. Dick!

Let’s watch the whole sequence play out:

Some Bloodborne Deaths Are Just Mean

Here’s the whole video, which is somehow even sadder than the excerpts above:

You’re mean, Bloodborne, and I love you for it.


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