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    I dislike mornings. I dislike the cold. It is a cold morning.

    Fuck this noise, where's a blanket?

      Ooh no, I love a chilly morning :D

        I love some chill in the air, and I love mornings... sort of. I love seeing mornings at the end of my day. When the world is waking up and the sun is rising, that's my cue to hunker down and skip the worst part of the day (the sunshine).

        I really miss working shift.

        And will you just LOOK at that upvote disparity? I can't believe the TAYbies are such... uh. Summer-lovers. (Yes. Definitely not a pejorative.)

    I started another stupid Let's Play series that probably go nowhere. The shtick is that I'm getting a dudebro who is only familiar with Call of Duty to play other games.

    Monday mornings...the worst. Cold Melbourne mornings...even worse.

    On another note though, been playing the Heroes Of The Storm beta. Actually really good. Very approachable and a lot of fun with a team of friends.

    Anyone else been playing?

      I tried it yesterday for the first time and I'm a little mixed about it. I've got major framerate tanking when larger fights start when there's a lot on the screen but most of the time it runs pretty well. I've so far lost every game but it's been closer every time xD. This is mainly cuz I've been playing it at my native resolution in windowed borderless, might try full screen small resolution for next time, not ideal but if it helps the larger teamfights, then why not?
      For an american server I barely notice that much lag, it's pretty good, compared to something like Dawngate while that was still around (RIP). The game itself has its ups and downs but I'm in agreement with other people that have played, it's the hardest game of its genre to date when it comes to comebacks due to the way it can snowball. Since nobody can actually carry the game, unless you get your team's act together early, there's nothing you can do once the fed enemy team moves as 5.

      Last edited 20/04/15 9:05 am

        I would say in total, I have put around 15 hours into it so far. I've only really used Raynor. Using a team of 3 attackers and 2 supports, we've had some success. Of about 20 matches, we have lost 3. Each time we lost though, we clearly saw what our mistake was and made sure we put together a plan to correct it. For example, we saw the enemy heroes (on higher difficulties) would never target the minions, instead, they would always go after the enemy heroes. Although it seems obvious, you get heaps more points that way and therefore you level up faster. We also saw that they would keep 2 lanes busy and have someone else in the fields getting support units and collecting the gems/seeds etc. Once we starting mimicing these tactics, we found the game got a lot more interesting. In terms of tactics though, I'd say we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. Really cool how the map has a unique objective to it as well, which can basically swing the game one way or another.

          That's one of the major ups, your sub-objectives are pretty much different each game with the different maps, you're not doing the same thing over and over, so you gotta keep on your toes. The amount of maps they have I was really impressed with too.
          I've personally only played 3, lost 3, had the best luck with this griffon rider character who had an awesome mount ability where he just jumps to the point you click on. His slow was awesome and a Lux-like ultimate sold it for me too, a lot of fun playing him. My other two were Uther and Malfurion, both of them were kinda meh, Uther's stun wouldn't go off a lot and Malf's snaring ability would never seem to actually snare. I must be simply using it wrong or underestimating the time until the snare took place after casting

      Another HOTS player at last!! I've probably sunk like 50 hours into the game so far and love how it doesn't play like any other traditional MOBAS out there.

      That said players who've played LoL and DotA and attempt to use the same mentality in HotS will undoubtedly lose every match because the game pulls all focus away from laning and camping and item builds. It's incredibly team focused and I've personally had a number of matches where we've pulled a win from the jaws of defeat in a single late game rally where we lost every battle except for the very last fight wipe the enemy team, and charge straight to their core. It's a MOBA where team composition and learning a hero take priority over getting the highest number of kills or having the most damage done to the enemy towers.

      @tech_knight Given you're a traditional MOBA vet techy my only recommendation for you with this game is drop everything you know about the genre and go in fresh, because anything you try to carry forward from other MOBA's is likely to cause your team to lose e.g. pushing a single lane or killing neutral creeps. It's very objective/team battle focused and while playing a hero is easy, truly mastering them will take you a minimum of 20-30 matches. As an example you mention you enjoy Falstad versus Malfurion and Uther, this is because all three characters have very different play styles. Malfurion is core support meaning all his abilities are there to heal, snare or boost the endurance of his team. You should always be the last person to die in a team fight and in order to learn him as a hero you'll need to master switching your build each match to either something very heals focused or something with more aoe dps and chasing ability. With regards to his snare it takes approximately 1.5 seconds before it captures someone (i.e. the whole circle must become green to snare) so never cast it where someone is standing, you'll need to cast it somewhere you don't want the enemy hero to go unless another hero on your team has a snare or slow of their own like Nazeebo's Zombies or Kerrigan's grab. Falstad is part Specialist, part ranged assassin meaning he's squishy as hell but works great for hit and runs. Uther is a tank + support meaning you'll never dish out any damage but you should play the hero with the mentality of the being the first into a fight to eat all the damage and first out so you can heal your teammates and don't die at the start of the battle.

      If either of you are interested in teaming up I usually play 2-3 matches on weekdays and 5-7 on weekends (Mains - Illidan and Tyrael and I play a decent Malf) - Chyrone#1100

        I'd be up for that certainly after work, my ID is TechKnight#6803. At the moment I'm just randoming and playing what I get, see which ones I end up liking and Falstad is my favourite out of the ones I've played so far.

          Sounds like a plan, I'll log on and toss you an invite after work!

            Won't be able to play much tonight after 8pm unless you'll be up after 10:30ish cuz I have Pathfinder tonight but I'll definitely add you tonight.

              Yeah all good Techy, I usually don't play after 8PM myself most nights, I should be on around 6.30 tonight so if you're free then we'll hit up a few matches!

      It feels a bit like Fisher Price: My First MOBA, but that's OK because MOBA's are stupid hard and it's good to see theres a giant studio investing in making one more accessible to newer players.

        Agree. I think that it is a simplified version of MOBA's but I think that's good. I played DOTA 2 and found the learning curve to be too harsh and it put me off. I only have a very limited time each week to play games and didn't want to spend it being frustrated by a system I didn't have time to learn. HOTS allows you to jump on and once you go through the tutorial and a few practice matches, you get the basics and can hold your own mostly.

    Morning kittens! I feel like trash :( I think I'm getting a cold.

    @shane How did supanova go? Did you sell all the books?

    Morning all. How were your weekends?

      I spent the day in Newcastle on Saturday playing an awesome session of Pathfinder, then spent 40 minutes walking up and down hills when I got of the train back in Sydney because Saturday night plus rain equals no taxis. My legs hurt now because I was carrying all my pathfinder books and portable game consoles etc.

        Ouch. Am now googling pathfinder!

          It's like D&D except when D&D went apeshit in 4th and to a lesser extent 5th edition, Pathfinder stayed with the D&D 3.5 ed rules but updated them to be a lot more consistent, in addition to making certain classes worth playing. Having said that, Pathfinder is now releasing as many splat books as 3.5 did :-P

      Lousy, my soccer game was called off so no fun exercise for me :( I finished Dragonball Xenoverses story mode so thats a plus! :D

        Damn, though playing on a muddy field is never that fun haha

    Oh oh OH. I watched seven episodes of Daredevil.

    I really, really, really like it a lot.

      Soooo, good. I think I got up to episode 5 or 6 so far.

        God, that fight scene at the end of The Cut (ep 2) was SO frigging incredible. I cannot stop thinking about it.

      I'm currently in the middle of watching the MCU movies (only got a couple to go), then I'm gonna watch Avengers: Age Of Ultron, then finish catching up on Game Of Thrones, then and only then will I be free to watch Daredevil. Pretty keen for it, I've heard great things.

      Yep, as a fan if some of the comics, I enjoyed even more than I anticipated. Can't wait for AKA Jessica Jones

      Yeah, I made some pretty good progress on that on the weekend myself.

      I'm really loving how the protagonist is just so far behind the 8-ball the entire time, fumbling in the metaphorical dark and getting his ass beat. It's kind of how I imagine my forays into vigilante work would go, if I wasn't killed or crippled on my first night.

        Yeah, he seemed really real. Matt Murdock is just a dude - he's blind and has enhanced senses - like, super enhanced through training - but he's still fallible and human, and you can see in this fight that he's hurt and exhausted and slumps against walls and trips and it's so good

    Greetings computational constructs. Weekend summary incoming. Report.
    User ill. Functions diminished. Solution: Watch AFL. Saturday: Nothing enjoyable. Solution: Run diagnostics on laptop to trace BSODs specifically when playing game from 2009.
    Sunday: Continue diagnostics. Geelong vs Gold Coast enjoyable. Remark: CrazyGuy should be pleased with result. West Coast vs Fremantle: Enjoyable. Remark: GingerChris should be devastated with result. Laugh. "The West is Ours." Laugh. Finish diagnostics. Restore laptop to 2011 factory settings. Game from 2009 appears to work. Further testing required.

      its almost as if West Coast are the new Carlton...

        And Carlton have got an old West Coast coach. And an old West Coast player. :P

        Hey, at least you can blame the result on losing the entire backline to injury. Hope McGovern is okay. It's not going to be a pretty year for the Eagles, though. It might force them into a rebuild.

          Yeah, you never want to see injuries and WC are just having a horrible run with them at the moment. Think I saw McGovern will be ~4 weeks, which is a real shame. He was one of their best players yesterday even injured.

      I'm still happy with the result of the Geelong game. I don't have Foxtel and couldn't get a third party stream, so I had to listen to the radio. Weird experience, the commentators are very detailed but you have no idea where on the field the ball actually is, so when it says that the key forward takes a mark, you don't know if they are ready to take a set shot, or have dropped back to defense. I'll watch the replay tonight.

      It sounds like Gold Coast actually tried to play football, which is positive. It would have been awesome if GC had won, because being the first team to make them lose back-to-back at their home ground since 2002 would make for some decent bragging rights.

        Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by the game. I tuned in just as a "to watch before the Derby" thing and ended up watching an actual contest. I'd watched the GC v Saints match the week prior (as Mrs B-ob was at the game live) and the Suns were just woeful. I really couldn't believe some of the errors and poor decision making (Malceski especially. Expect better from him.) so I was expecting much of the same, especially with Geelong reeling from getting defeated at home by Freo the week prior as well.

        Worth watching. Probably the most interesting game (apart from the Derby, go Freo) I watched all weekend, TBH, though it sounds like Port v North Melbourne would have been entertaining.

    GTA V online is a hell of a lot fun with friends. Spent most of last night cruising around with @f4ction dishing out vigilante justice* to every player we ran into.

    *unbiased murder

      Vigilante justice is the best justice

        Much better then regular justice!

          Justice, but faster and sexier and not necessarily true to the material... just like any video game movie.

      I decided late Friday to download, still have just under 10gb to download after putting it on pause during the days so people could use the internet without it being almost too slow to use.

    Hola Tay

    Busyish weekend. Went out Friday to the Hungry Hippo and played BOARD GAMES! Saturday Night went out for a friend's birthday thing for cocktails, and therefore Sunday was a write-off.

    A Monday Morning Question: If you were to open a themed cafe, what would it be themed around?

      Is that a trick question?

      More seriously, it'd be a board game cafe with Mad Hatter tea party decor.

      Last edited 20/04/15 9:29 am

      I'd do a generic fantasy RPG themed cafe, where you can come in and join an RPG session at any time using pregenerated characters. The DMs would be employed by the cafe and the cafe would serve good coffee as well as pastries, but also 'fantasy' food like flagons of ale, shanks of meat, rustic pies etc. The cafe would not make any money, but this would be my retirement project (next door to a board gaming cafe).

      Probably the "80's" cafe from Back to the Future II

    Pretty happy with my weekend. Saturday I bought the last copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 from my local Target for $54. Spent the rest of the day alternating between playing Type-0 and watching tv. Saturday arvo, I got a phone call from my uncle asking me if I wanted to see the Hawks play the Bulldogs, which of course I did.

    Sunday, I had church, followed by going to Aurora Stadium to watch the footy. Hodge, Roughead and Lewis were all brilliant, and Rioli took a couple of speccies. Definitely worth going, particularly as I hadn't been to an AFL game since 2009.

    10/10 would do again.

    Morning, TAY.
    Stuffed around in Elite Dangerous over the weekend.
    Still on the training levels, but I'm really enjoying the game so far.

      Such a great game if you're ok with a slower paced game where you most literally make your own fortunes!

      Oh yeah, don't get disheartened if you can't beat Incursion. That's a bastard of a training mission that even seasoned veterans will struggle to complete.

    Goddamn it's cold this morning. Winter is coming.

      Spoilered for adult themes.


        Not clicking at work.

    Weekend has been ordinary. Felt crap all weekend, GTA has taken a good 24 hours of downloading time to download. My football team and my AFL team both lost. Liverpool lost last night, did wake up to the Cavs winning game 1. Been busy playing Battlefield Hardline, absolutely love it. Dominated a stretch of Team Deathmatches where my team was terrible and we lost 6 games in a row, but i averaged around 22 kills 11 deaths.

      Yeah, the FA Cup semi final was pretty disappointing. Villa was the better team and deserved to win, but Balotelli's goal should not have been given offside. Shame that Gerrard doesn't get the send off he deserves.

    This weekend I punched @shane right in his handsome face. *decisive nod*

    I would do it again, too. >:|

      Wait a minute... You look nothing like your profile picture.

      The internet has lied to me.

    Had a pretty relaxing weekend all up. Dinner on Friday night for a friends birthday, had breakfast out on Saturday morning before going to see my wife's grandfather who has taken a turn for the worse in the last few months - he turns 95 in a few weeks! Wife was a bit shook up for the rest of the day so just dagged about at home in the garden with the dogs and daughter.

    Sunday equally relaxing - back to swimming lessons over winter, so down to the pool. Wasn't feeling to well though so had a nap at 1pm - then it was 4pm. Dangerous Sunday naps!

    Put in a few more hours into Bravely Default - just activated the first crystal with some summon help after wiping a few times. Got started on House of Cards which I'm hooked and enjoying, not sure wife is enjoying so much. Watched Casino Royale again last night... It's still easily my favourite bond outing.

    Got to work today to half a team... 1 on leave, 2 sick... Going to be an interesting day!

    Can I just say that Ticketek's site is a real piece of poo?

    Wanted to buy AC/DC tickets this morning. Got onto the site at 9:00am sharp this morning, and progressed through the ticket buying process, refreshing the page several times along the way as it timed out or threw error codes. Got to the point where I was submitting my payment, clicked Next, then the site kicked me out.


    It sent me back into the queue, and after a few page refreshes it allowed me back in, but of course I had lost the awesome tickets I originally had. Managed to buy more, even though they aren't what I originally wanted, they'll have to do.

    But seriously Ticketek, it's 2015, your site shouldn't be falling over when a major event like this goes on sale. Fix it.

      And then they announce a second show, haha.

      Jumped onto that straight away and got awesome tickets that I wanted.

      Only problem is now I have three tickets from the first show I need to try to get a refund for, and if I can't do that then I'll need to sell them.

        Interesting that they're only playing Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide, usually Melbourne gets in over Adelaide pretty much every time. Victorians won't be happy about that.

          They are playing Melbourne, but Ticketmaster is selling for Melbourne.

            That's weird.

              Yeah they are playing Melbourne, don't worry :)

              Hopefully for your sake Ticketmaster's site is a little more solid than Ticketek's.

    You reckon Fallout 4 will have vehicles??

      I would love this game to be announced, I really really liked Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

      If it has a new engine, yeah. Gamebryo makes me sad.

      Hope not.

        Oh, I dunno... watch the Fury Road trailer again!

          That game is already coming. I don't want another one. I want Fallout.

            Won't be as fun as Fallout with bikes

        Motorbikes would be ace!

          Because Fallout has never really had vehicles. It's about wandering the wasteland. Vehicles would just be pushing it further and further into not Fallout.

            See, my first experience of Fallout was Fallout 2, and getting the Highwayman (which felt so Mad Maxy) was always a powerful, memorable milestone for me. The first activity on the list - get some wheels.

            It's so heavily influenced by Mad Max, seems like a natural progression to me.

    Hey y'all.

    Sounds like cold/flu is in full force right now. I can feel something going on (sore throat, slight cough) and I'm really hoping it doesn't get any worse. Healthy thoughts going out to all of the infected.

    Mortal Kombat is fun. I just don't yet know who I am going to focus on as a main...just slowly making my way through story mode and playing the odd Single Fight here and there. I have typically always gone Jax, but I don't really like him in this. I'm quite partial to Ermac and Takeda so far. Who do you guys like?

    I also saw that the one and only Goat Simulator made its way on to XB1 (for $13.95.) I may well pick this up if I get an urge for a new game in the near future. Haven't played it yet as I don't master race, but I think it looks great. :P

    EDIT: Added the word 'to'.

    Last edited 20/04/15 10:27 am

      I main Takeda.

        Nice. I was playing with him for the first time last night. On his 3rd sub-skill or whatever you call it. The one with enhanced whip moves. Really liked the amount and variety of special moves he had. His X-ray move is pretty brutal as well.

    Had a lazy weekend. Rage quit Destiny, went back to it a few hours later. 2pm Sunday afternoon my wife remembered we were going to reorganise the master bedroom, which meant vacuuming under the bed for the first time in five years, a real challenge for the new vaccum we bought a few weeks ago. We also found a number of empty pepsi max cans (thankfully pepsi max doesn't have sugar, so that is NOT how you get ants) and empty cigarette packets (bearing in mind our last cigarettes were November 2012).

    I feel like shit today. Seems to be going around \o/

    I've been sick & watching movies mostly.

    Been playing Pokemon Rumble World, great sick game.

    Last night I finally got an Insight point in Bloodborne!

    Previously, all I've had in the back of my mind while playing it was "I should be working!" which probably wasn't putting me in the right frame of mind. I love the design, the atmosphere, and the music though so I was determined I'd keep playing when I could.
    Then last night I was hand quilting something that has a deadline this week (but my personal deadline for it was yesterday because I have other deadlines this week as well), and I put my thimble down, and then put my quilt down on top of it. The quilt had my needle stuck through it to store. Usually I put it through twice so that the point is on top of the quilt, but it mustn't have gone all the way through this time, so the needle point was sticking out under the quilt. I put my hand under the quilt to grab my thimble and start quilting again, but jammed my thumb into the hidden needle point. It went in at least half a centimetre. There was blood everywhere.

    With an injured thumb it was extremely difficult to continue quilting so I gave myself a free pass for the night.
    Mr. Strange told me I should play Bloodborne (he's on NG+ now, and wanted to have a chance to actually see the game without focusing on enemies and the stress), and with my bandaged thumb I wasn't even sure if I could but I ended up getting all the way to the Cleric Beast and was halfway to taking him down before I did something stupid and got killed.

    Not sure if it was being able to play guilt-free, or just that I apparently play better when injured. :P

      I watched Shane and Freeze play the other night. Skills to pay the bills. Also convinced me that no, I don't want to play this game. :P

      There you have it, quilting is a health hazard.

        Oh man, everything is a health hazard to me!
        Last night alone I stabbed my left thumb with a needle, pinched my right index finger in the dishwasher handle, shut my left index finger in my laptop and stubbed my left pinky toe on my son's dominoes tin. :P

      It turned out the right mindset was bloodborne after all? :P

        Hmm, instinct is to upvote, but pun. Downvote. :P

    Walking to the train station I get puddle-splashed by a moron in a hatchback... running a red light... by overtaking a fire engine... via the outside lane. Dammit, where's natural selection when you need it? Thankfully, laptop and phone avoided the deluge. The rest of me... not so much.

    Last edited 20/04/15 11:23 am

      The only problem with natural selection in that situation is that it'd probably kill someone who didn't deserve it unless there was some incredibly lucky convergence where 2 such arseholes were going in opposite directions simultaneously...

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