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    So, how about that Nintendo Switch huh. So goddamn hype for Zelda and Mario.

      Never been a huge Mario fan, but geez, I'd love to play a new Zelda title. Just not shelling out over $500 just to do that. Maybe in a couple of years when I've got a toddler to distract with the Switch.

        Pretty much same here, minus the toddler (congrats!). Never been a big fan of most of Nintendo's first-party franchises. Going to fall back on my rule - not gonna buy it until I can distract myself from the cost of the hardware by spending more on games I want to play on it. Currently sitting at 2 confirmed titles (-ish - Zelda and the Pokemon port), and they'll probably bring a MH game to it, which makes three... but will need another 3-4 I'd want to play at that price.

          Pretty sure the Pokemon game is just a rumour at this point.

            Hence the confirmed-ish :P - there's been more talk of a Pokemon game for it than MH, after all. Would be pretty neat for the Switch to replace the 3DS as the defacto portable... but will be content to wait and see which way the wind blows with this one.

      Like a few here, I've been completely put off. It all boils down to four factors.

      First, the price.

      Seriously, Nintendo, your device is not worth the current $470 price tag. And while more personally motivated, the first for me is further backed by the following points.

      Second, the welded in battery.

      Effectively, when the battery dies the unit loses its hand held ability and becomes just a console. This move isn't accepted from Apple so I do not see why Nintendo should be treated different.

      Third, the on board capacity being 16 GB.

      Seriously, even my Wii U has more on board capacity. Either make it 512 GB via a user service able M.2 module.

      Finally, the DRM.

      It is safe to say Nintendo will continue with the god awful DRM seen in the 3DS and Wii U. Slow, painful and completely unwelcome.

      Some games do interest me but the console itself basically put me right off. Might think about it again when it is at the more appropriate $250 dollar mark and maybe come third party parts to keep the unit working but right now the Nintendo Switch is becoming the next XBone for different reasons.

        In regards to price, I was willing to pay up to $500 for it. Sure you can buy a tablet like a Samsung Galaxy Tab for around the $200-$250 mark, but it doesn't have detachable controllers, and you can't play it on your TV. Really don't get the price argument, yeah it's a little on the high side, but still acceptable in my book.

        Might think about it again when it is at the more appropriate $250 dollar mark
        I'll let you know when hell freezes over.

        I agree with the point you bring up regarding the battery. I don't like it one bit. Seems to be the direction all tech is heading in, so they can force us to buy a new device when the battery dies.

        Regarding internal memory, I don't know where you got the 16GB figure from, everything I've read indicates it's actually 32GB. In todays world, that's still considered puny though. Apparently it is expandable via SD cards (to a maximum of 128GB). Personally, I'll be buying all my games on cartridge and only download games that are "digital release" only. Either the downloadable games released are going to be very small in size, or people are going to have to buy a hell of a lot of SD cards. Definitely would've preferred the ability to use an external hard drive here.

          I maybe harsh with the price but at the same time, I do not see why Nintendo's console should be priced the same as the likes of the PS4.

          Even if the storage is 32 GB, that is still low when the standard for the other consoles is at least 512.

          Maybe I'm old fashioned but I think the external storage should be if I wish to bring a downloadable game to a mates house or if I just want to declutter the console and move unused games to a SD card.

          Ideology aside, if Nintendo is going to charge such a price, at least make the feature similar to their rivals. 16/32 GB when the others offer 10 times or more just doesn't add up.

          My main issue with the price is that it seems inflated by gimmick features, as if being a portable/home hybrid console weren't enough. The JoyCons are $120 purely because of the amount of unnecessary tech in them. I'm not much of an on-the-go gamer, and don't see the appeal of motion controls outside of VR, so I'd be much more likely to pay $350 and get a console without those controllers, and pick up a cheap Wii U pro controller to use with it (assuming BC with the old controllers, of course).

          And $130 for a dock? That only serves as a power/HDMI adaptor? That's a bit steep.

          The 32GB is definitely another sticking point... How much of that will be the OS? The PS4's 500GB HDD reserved 20-25GB for the OS and space for system updates. And MicroSD cards are slower than mechanical hard drives, by and large... I understand why it doesn't use a HDD because of portability, but 32GB in this day and age is tiny. Doesn't look to bode well for their future online/digital market, is all.

            And $130 for a dock? That only serves as a power/HDMI adaptor? That's a bit steep.

            OK, I missed that bit. That makes five points that put the console against my taste.

            It'a actually tempting to get the games that interest me and get the console later once Nintendo comes back to its senses.

              It's included in the bundle, just like the JoyCons, but if you need a replacement, or you want to leave one set up on another TV in the house for convenience, you'll be paying $130 for second dock.

              I mean, assuming a 25% discount for buying the bundle SKU, the console itself comes out to about A$347 ($470/75% - 120 (JoyCons) - 130 (dock) - 2x15 (wrist straps)), which is far more reasonable... but yea, all the extra tat that you "need" seems a little excessive, to my mind.

                If it was a real dock then the price fits.

                At that price, it should not just a holder. It should have some extras. Like maybe a USB 3 port to off load/access extra games and even (at least) a 100 MB Ethernet port for those who prefer to use wired networks.

                I'm starting to see why so many simply pirate the games and use Dolphin.

                  I mean, it does have 3 USB 2.0 ports (which is still one more than the PS4, depressingly), but can't see any ethernet port... might support a USB-Ethernet dongle, but I have my doubts, and you'd get generally better bandwidth over wireless anyway these days.


                  I mean, it does have 3 USB 2.0 ports (which is still one more than the PS4, depressingly)

                  Didn't think USB 2.0 was still in use.

                  might support a USB-Ethernet dongle, but I have my doubts, and you'd get generally better bandwidth over wireless anyway these days.

                  I guess it varies. Me, I'm a wired person. In the previous house my mum and I rented (she has a slew of medical conditions so I help about the house and pay board), I used power line adapters so the ADSL Internet could reach the back of the house. From there, I ran Ethernet cables along the side board near the floor effectively giving Gigabit speeds to the devices.

                  New place we have (again renting) has Ethernet points though out so I have all the consoles connected that way.

                  Fair enough - I use wired wherever I can, tho it helps I live alone in a small studio apartment, so have the luxury of no-one else to complain about the ethernet cable running across the floor :P Gigabit to everything. And I meant 802.11ac/n would usually give better speeds than an ethernet adaptor on a USB 2 port, not that it'd beat a real ethernet port on the dock.

                  @scrumptatoes Fair enough - I thought it odd that on the official site, the front two were labelled as explicitly 2.0, but the back one was just "USB Port", so I just assumed it was the same. My bad.

      I think it will be one of those things where I form a stronger opinion closer to, or after, release. However, that price point has definitely killed it for me. Was all set to do a slow budget towards mid-year but that extra $19.95 absolutely abolished any interest.

      My most excitable games: ARMS looks like it has a bunch of potential; Fast RMX may as well be the newest iteration of F-Zero (that's a good thing); Splatoon 2 looks unsurprisingly good.

    Morning all. Spend Saturday afternoon playing with the Switch. Will have my impressions up somewhere else, but the long and short of it is great hardware and by the end of the year it will have some great software. It's also a lot smaller than you think.

    Has anyone else pre-ordered one?

      Did plan to, but was quickly put off by the details. My post above has the full account.

      i think a much thinner version of the WII-U tablet is an appropriate comparison.

    Guys, just a warning for anyone that preordered the Breath of the Wild Master Edition from EB Games.

    @alexwalker did you hear about this?

      Granted, EB could have handled this better. But at the same time, what was Nintendo thinking regionalising the "Master" edition?

      This is the kind of nonsense that loses sales, not secure them.

        I agree completely. eb games should have awaited confirmation on availability from Nintendo Australia. What was the point on rushing to open up preorders on an unconfirmed edition, when its going to sell out in 24 hrs anyway?

        its typicall nintendo style however, we always get screwed over one way or another. Almost regretting my preorder, the pricing is a disgrace.

        not to mention all the other news that slowly flowed in afterwards. like the fact that the charging grip for the joycons does not come with the console. and the absurd cost of a doc that simply outputs a signal to the TV and charges it.

          Just letting you know that I'm chasing this up this morning, and I'll be linking back to your original post as part of it. Thanks for that.

            thanks alex, i had a read through your article, but EB certainly havent contacted everyone. Myself and 2 other friends have still had no notification.

      They have the audacity to try and still slug us the same amount for it too ($189.95). They better at least offer a decent discount or they might find that they're "sold out" item suddenly has a lot of cancellations.


      Last edited 16/01/17 11:18 am

        direct currency conversion, we are actually paying $20 AU more than the US for a far inferior edition.

      Wait so you get the shitty statue but not the useful carrying pouch?

      Over here in the states there's three versions. Basic game, a pack that has the soundtrack and carrying case and the other extras (for $99.99 USD) and one that has the same as previous but also the master sword statue (for like $130 USD). Both CEs sold out in seconds on Amazon. I went for the one without the throw-away statue, because I feel like the pouch is the real useful item there.

        I agree 100%. The throw away statue is in there but not the useful carry case. Yet we still get stung a higher rate even after conversion.

          I've gotten *tons* of use out of the carry cases I've gotten for portables over the years. Use the Vita one that came with Persona 4 Golden LE all the time, ditto the 3DS one that came with PersonaQ. A good case like that is a seriously great pack-in.

        For sure. I was all set to go the Limited Edition, but jumped on the Master Edition preorders when they popped up since it seemed that's all we were getting.

        At first when it came to light that we were bumped down to Limited, I was fine with that if a little irked that the price was the same. When I realised that we get the screwed up bizarro upside-down version of it that still included the shitty statue, I was pissed.

    Just about finished Watch Dogs: Bad Blood and then moving on to Watch Dogs 2. But, ever since watching the Switch presentation I keep finding myself wanting to hook up my SNES and play Super Mario World.

    Hi everyone! Played a bit of Diablo over the weekend (and am still trying to figure out how I managed a 25bil crit on a red-bar enemy yesterday with no totems... Only thing that's changed in my build the past week is a bump in Paragon).

    Also had a bit of a nostalgia trip as my raid team gathered for a spontaneous VoG run last night, which was fun. Got to bust out my VoG gear and Fatebringer... it's not quite as good as it used to be, and no match for a decent scout in most of those encounters, but it was still a blast doing the encounters legit (if slightly overgeared for the content :P)

    Also also, watched a really good (if a little overly political) movie - Er Est Wieder Da. Interesting reminder of how easy it can be to forget someone's past missteps when they're saying the things you want to hear... somewhat terrifying in that regard. And very easy to see socio-political parallels in the US, UK and Australia in the past few years...

    Hello TAY it's been a while since I've been here. How are you all :) I was invited by Nintendo to visit Melbourne for the Switch hands on event yesterday, so I've written up my thoughts in the Community Review comments section:

    TL;DR: The console looks and feels great but since I will probably get Zelda on Wii U anyway, I don't think I could justify buying one before Splatoon 2 and more games hit.

    Breath of the Wild in two months...
    That will be the last Wii U game I get, considering there only appears to be shovelware being released at the moment.

    I've only had my PS4 since Christmas, and I've already built what I think is a reasonable collection.

    Ratchet and Clank
    Uncharted Collection
    Uncharted 4
    Last Guardian
    Infamous Second Son

    And I'm looking around for Infamous First Light, Knack and the Journey Collectors with Flow and Flower in it too. I'm just about finished R&C, and I think that'll be the first one I Plat :D

      Glad Bloodborne is on that list. Enjoy! :D

        Beasts all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later...

          "Die! Die, die! Hunters are killers, nothing less! You call ME a beast? A Beast!? What would you know? I didn't ask for this!"

    Been playing Shantae: Half Genie Hero for the past few days (winding down after work) and I have to say even when the game owns me I am getting an honest kick out of it.

    But I have to admit, it has the same fault as BioShock. Long story short, while the environment allowed one to use varying combinations of attacks to take out enemies, the basic one at the start of ElectroBolt+Wrench is effective then and pretty much through the rest of the game.

    In effect, this causes any difficulty curve in BioShock to be flattened out and buried. And Shantae has the exact same problem.

    I'm the kind of player that if allowed to backtrack I will. And I will explore. So needless to say before I even faced the third boss I have around five or six hearts, a slew of powerups and the game's biggest problem: the BatDance.

    And no, it is not a feature in the game that causes Shantae to dance with the Dynamic Duo (thought that would be hilarious).

    Basically when in bat form, you only fly left or right but it allows one to avoid most bottomless pits. Which finally brings me to Shantae's problem. Later levels have long and difficult platforms that can be bypassed using this ability.

    So truth be told, I actually feel like I'm cheating the game even though it is its own feature.

    But me aside. What do others here think?

    Last edited 17/01/17 10:05 am

    Interesting effect of everything being high priority: nothing is high priority. I keep a to-do list at work, ordering tasks by priority where 1 is super urgent, work is being held up by me; 2 is kind of your normal "high priority"; 3 is neither high or low; 4 is (relatively) not important and 5 is more of a thought bubble.
    In the 9 months I've been running the list, my completed tasks consist of:
    #1 - 16%
    #2 - 60%
    #3 - 22%
    #4 - 2%
    #5 - 0%

      Working out what is the highest priority to work on is one of my biggest problems
      I do tend to fall into the squeaky wheel trap quite often

    Shit you not, there's a type of coal station that implements "ultra-supercritical" technology. Word is it has an output of 15,000 M.Bisonpower.

    I'm extremely impressed how silent this Corsair H80i V2 is after I put a pair of Noctua NF-F12 fans on it in push/pull config. At default 700 rpm for the fans & 1900rpm for the pump I can't hear it with everything else in the room off. At max RPM 1500 for the fans & 2900 for the pump, it's audible, but no louder than my other system.. Now to investigate over clocking this CPU!

    Also it sits at 28 degrees idle.. Which is nice.

    I finished FF15. Thought it was good, but really annoyed that the games second half was rushed and everything they had created for the second map was shoved into the first map. Chapter 13 was terrible, mainly because you can't run and it takes forever.

    The combat is good, but the ease of access to healing items really killed the competition, I was taking on challenges 40 levels above me and I was just downing items to push through. There doesn't seem to be a real difference between healing items except for a few. An elixir doesn't feel any different from a hi-elixer. Also, every tiny problem I had with the combat just kept piling on as the game went on, especially the lack of a lock on targeting system.

    I was let down by the final chapter, as the final dungeon was really short and the final battle felt scripted. Didn't feel like I could lose it.

    Whoever was the voice director for the English voice actors needed to be fired, because there were moments where it sounded like they just went with their first take. All tension is gone when Gladious only casually talks like they're all going to die. Noct also needed more scenes (not cut) to allow us to see some more emotional weight. Would have made the ending have more impact.

    Started X-Com 2, but I decided to jump straight into Iron Man mode to avoid the temptation of save scumming. Really good, except my save file crashed and I had to start again.

      especially the lack of a lock on targeting system.

      Never tried pressing the right stick? I found that putting it in Wait mode made a big difference too, for targeting specific body parts etc.

        R3 brings up the map, never told that pressing R3 while holding R1 would lock on. How am I supposed to figure that out?

        (also I turned wait mode off)

          I think it was on a load screen or something. I know I saw it somewhere halfway through the game and was like 'oh, crap, I wish I knew that from the start'. It's still not great though. I found it unlocked itself a lot.

            Why would you leave it in the loading screen? Doing that is for small tidbits of information, because the screen can finish loading before you're done reading, or the text can switch before you notice.

            Want to know where I first looked? In the OPTIONs menu when I booted up the game. Looking to switch it from HOLD to TOGGLE, like what you could do in Ocarina of Time, a game that came out 20 years.

              the screen can finish loading before you're done reading

              In FFXV? I've left the game on the load screen and gone to make a cup of tea, and returned to find it still loading. :P

                and how could you have read the loading screen tip if you were away making a cup of tea? :P

                  Figures the only crucial piece of information on a loading screen is on the one 60 hours in when I realised I could be productive instead of waiting around for five minutes. Damn you Murphy! *shakes fist at cloud*

          Not saying that it was easy to figure out, but it definitely told you at some point. The whole game had some problems teaching you how to play it well, really.

      Only difference between an Elixir and a Hi-Elixir is once you need to re-access 5k+ health or so, but yea, I used them pretty interchangeably. I found I only really died if I chose to, or if I ran out of healing items. As for lockon... There is a lockon feature on R1/RB, and I can't imagine how it would play without it. Maybe as Neg said, try wait mode? I used that all through... R1 + blink-strike was my opening move, every battle.

        Holding R1 just targets an enemy, it doesn't lock on. To lock on you have to press R3 while holding R1. Never told that and considering R3 is map, why would I ever?

          Huh. nearly 70hrs of playtime, and I never knew that - just got used to holding R1 to maintain a target lock. Is there any other difference between the two other than not having to continue holding R1? And yea, R3 is a really counter-intuitive button for that...

            I don't know I'm done with the game and haven't played it since I finished everything. Only found out days after.

    OK, I did not expect this to happen so soon. Or ever for that matter.

    I finished Shantae last night. But the fact I've finished a game for a change is mind shattering as I collect them far faster than I finish them!

    Jokes aside.

    Turns out I need not have worried about getting most transformation dances as early as possible in the game. My skipping the harder sections almost became my undoing as the final level (without giving too much away) is incredibly hard compared to the prior levels.

    This is mostly because the bulk of the level is a "fly through" with all walls basically meaning instant death. Admittedly, most will breeze through this because but for someone like me it was murder due to my lack of skill.

    Over all I absolutely loved the game and can't wait to sink in to the older games. My only complaint is the final "escape" stage. It just didn't feel finished and should have been left out of the game.

    Like a few others, can't wait for the DLC to come out.

    Dear TAY
    Please send Coffee
    Thanks, Tigs

      [Sends Tigerion a 20kg barrel of Nescaffe Blend 43]

        I always knew you hated me
        *runs away crying*

          Nah, I don't hate you.

          If I did, it would have been a 40kg barrel of International Roast.


          But thanks for the laughs.

          [Sends Tigerion a tin of freshly ground Columbian coffee as thanks]

          Last edited 18/01/17 12:35 pm

    A Cooperative, Deck Building, Tower Defense board game, for 1 to 4 players with 68 miniatures in every box.

    Stop saying words I like and then asking for money

      With me they don't even need to say words I like. They just rattle the box at me for a few seconds and I'm done.

    @markserrels and others.

    You guys may wanna see this, it's Jack Thompson all over again.

    EDIT: Scratch that; somehow I misread the date of the tweet. It's at least four years old.

    EDIT 2: Thanks to @scrumptatoes for noticing the wrong name in my post. Though truth be told, the less I remember about that loose cannon of a (disbarred) lawyer, the better.

    Last edited 18/01/17 4:15 pm


        Jack Thompson the bloke who believes Grand Theft Auto is to blame for all teenage violence in America. Dude is a total fucking nut job. Pops up every time a new GTA comes around.

    Eurogamer reporting BotW will be 30fps on Switch. Kind of wish they hadn't; people going to take any reason they can to shout at clouds.

      I normally shout at them when they don't produce rain. Because that makes me angry & I feel cheated!

        I usually shout at them because they think they're so far above me.

    Any TAYbie who likes a sweeter style of cider & lives near a BWS should hit up this offer for a 6 pack of Little Green cider for $8. It's normally $16. I grabbed one last week, not a bad cider honestly. Reminded me of the cascade sparkling apple juice, but with alcohol in it.

    \o/ my mate offered me his brand new MSI GTX 1070 for $500, cause his system died it before he got to use it. He paid $670 for it from PC Case Gear, so almost $200 off ain't bad!

    Had my TMNT board game finally arrive on the weekend. But I found all the zip bags annoying to deal with, so have spent the last couple of days constructing a tray to keep all the tokens in.

    It only just barely fits into the tray alongside all the dice. Had to stretch it out a little to make them fit into the rounded corners better :P

    Not done yet though, we've got two sheets of green left here so I'm thinking it'll need a lid...

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