The First Patch For Bloodborne Is Live

Briefly: The first patch for Bloodborne has gone live, fixing the Lunarium Key progression bug and removing the item duplication glitch that allows players to power level extremely quickly. This does not include the promised loading screen improvements coming in a later patch.


    Due to the duping glitch wouldn't there be people running around with max stats ruining other peoples games? Was hoping they would somehow detect it and roll back people.

      I think it only ever matches you to people within 10 or so levels of you. So a level 10 can't be in the same game with a level 90 for example. Or so I'm told anyway...

      I'm pretty sure like other souls games you are restricted to a level range in order to multiplay. So the people who used the glitch are really only up against other like minded folk. I may be wrong though so dont hold me to this statement.

    Has the "loading fix" become a "loading screen fix"? :)

    I'm thinking there'll be some lore to look at, but loading will be the same as it is or maybe even longer (to load the lore)

    Hopefully next on the list is shortening the load times (Truly shortening them, not using cognitive tricks to fool us), fixing the boss AI so it doesn't glitch out so much and fixing the frequent collision detection issues and blatant wall hacking/noclip by enemies.

      Hopefully they're fixing the frame pacing / stutter performance issues as well.

      It's especially bad in co-op.

    "Hey guys, how about we just say we're going to fix loading screens... Then after a certain point people will eventually give up hope and accept their fate so we wont actually have to."

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