The Google Home Page Has A Really Fun Game Today

It's about being a man on a horse delivering letters or something. I thoroughly recommend it.

Actually I think he might be picking letters up from the ground. Which is a bit weird because we don't usually pick up letters from the ground unless someone's dropped them. Which leads me to believe that another postman really messed up. Maybe there was a hole in his letter bag. Maybe he was having a bad day and decided to just throw all the letters out of his bag instead of delivering them. We've all had days like those.

Anyway, this is fun. Check it out.


    it's nice to take a break from epic AAA games and just have something simple and fun.

    I had fun with it......I got 95 out of 100 letters, I could have got more but I missed a turn off.

    Also GoG is having a sale so I need distracting so I don't go spending excess money so close to my wifes birthday.....

    Last edited 14/04/15 1:36 pm

    Damn horse needs to stop when it's dangerous to continue.

    I kind of need to have a talk with it in the opposite way of what Arnold does in True Lies:

    Also, googling Pony Express reveals google revealing it's the 155th anniversary of Pony Express.

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