You Can Explore The Original WipEout's Tracks In Your Browser

You Can Explore The Original WipEout's Tracks In Your Browser

Dominic Szablewski ported all the maps from the classic 1995 racing game WipEout into a browser-compatible format. So finally, it's now possible to flow through them in a browser without making any mistakes.

All the maps are there, and you can switch between them and the camera angles at the top menu. The creator also made a detailed documentation (via Prosthetic Knowledge) showing how he reverse engineered everything. It must have been hell messing around with the textures.


    Would be useful to actually post the link directly to the demonstration

    Really cool but yeah, reminds of SL closure 3 hope the same doesn't happen to Evolution. There'd hardly be a point for me to have a PS4 for future racers anymore. There's always Formula Fusion coming out though which should be a resurgence of WipEout!

    Amazing! The first WipEout and WipEout 2097 are still my favourite games in the series - this is total nostalgia overload for me, haha. I love the course designs in the early WipEout games - they're classics!

    None of you guys played Wip3out? Gold standard!

      Punishing physics, incredible speed, killer soundtrack, gold indeed!

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