Blacksmith Crafts Tomahawk From Assassin's Creed, Pits It Against Real One

The folks at Man at Arms decided to forge a pair of tomahawks — Connor's one from Assassin's Creed III and an American Revolutionary War replica from the movie The Patriot. Not only was it a chance for two blacksmiths to test their skills via healthy competition, but for the finished pieces to be put through their paces.

Swordsmith Matt Stagmer was given the task of fashioning Connor's weapon, while armourer Ilya Alekseyev went with a more traditional design, modelled after a version in The Patriot. True, it's incorrect to call the latter "real", but it's a lot closer to the genuine article than the bevelled, stylised kit we see in Assassin's Creed III.

As the video above explains, the pair had two hours to craft their weapons. Given the time constraint, I'm amazed by the results:

If you want to watch them hack up various items with the tomahawks, including soft drink cans, pumpkins and watermelons, just skip to 8:38.

Tomahawk Challenge (Revolutionary War vs. Assassin's Creed 3) - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED [YouTube, via The Awesomer]


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