GTA Recreated Perfectly In Real Life

GTA Recreated Perfectly In Real Life

Recreating Grand Theft Auto V would have been too easy. Here, some mad Russians use a drone (!) and some very skilled choreography to recreate the top-down Grand Theft Auto 2 instead. And it's awesome.

Hats off to the actors and drivers, but I hope everyone bought the drone pilot a drink when it was all said and done.

(Thanks Mike!)


    Not completely sure but the drone may have just been tethered to the characters Mobile phones GPS and set to follow at a certain height, pretty easy to do. I suspect this is the case as sometimes it takes while for drone to register the characters forum position (GPS tracking delay)

    that was prettty damn clever.

    HAHA how have I never thought to try this with my drone! Man, this has made my day lol

    Why everyone thinks that Czech Republic is still part of Russia? Here is link to original author and you can see this link also in notes under this video:
    It's filmed in Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic


    One of the best vids Ive seen in a while, incredible work. SHARE ORIGINAL = BY CZECH REPUBLIC = COPYRIGHT BY RUSSIAN NOOBS.

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