Hey, Here's $10 Off At Dick Smith Online

In the mood for a tech shopping binge? Dick Smith has a pair of $10 off deals running on Friday for online sales.

Enter the code 10FOR50 at checkout on any orders over $50 placed on Friday and you'll get $10 off the total order. That's apparently limited to the first 300 customers, so you might want to dive in at midnight tonight to be sure of not missing out.

There's also a 14 per cent off deal for online only orders, with some exclusions, beginning at 1pm AEST and running for an hour. For that one, enter the code 14FRIDAY at checkout. This one's limited to 250 customers.


    They have a different pretty much everyday. For example they have one today at 1pm for an hour for 14% off, just use code: 14FRIDAY
    *first 250 customers only

    Last edited 08/05/15 12:51 pm

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