Looks Like Rumoured New Xbox One Controller Is Legit

Briefly: It looks like the rumoured new Xbox One controller is legit, based on a (now pulled) retailer listing from Austrian retailer Libro spotted by Eurogamer. We should know more at E3, and hopefully there will be other style options. This one is... questionable.


    Can't wait to finally get jacked.
    And not the same way that happened in the carpark last week.

    I thought I saw one of these in the new Chatswood EB Games today, but can't be positive it wasn't a 360 controller. It was up with that limited edition Titanfall one and some other one I can't remember.

      Perhaps the blue or green ones that they already have out?
      Am contemplating getting one myself :)

    Hopefully this will solve the chat echo problem on my Turtle Beach X41 that seems to be because of having to use an adaptor.

    i actually dont mind this.

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