Mortal Kombat Player Takes Revenge After Jerk Teabags His Friend

Mortal Kombat Player Takes Revenge After Jerk Teabags His Friend

If you're gonna be a dick about winning, you probably shouldn't do it to someone whose best friend is waaaaaaaaay better than you.

In the above video, MrGrawrD witnesses his friend get mercilessly pummelled and then tea-bagged — that most disrespectful of video game victory gestures — by some jerk online in Mortal Kombat X. So what does MrGrawrD do? He takes off his kid gloves and beats the man until his skull pops like a rotten cherry, which is almost tame by Mortal Kombat standards.

"BRUTALITY," he shouts. "Don't you ever do that to my friend again!"

"You tea-bagged a harmless fellow who was just trying to have fun online," he says to the tea-bagging douchebag. "Look at my Liu Kang. That's a winner. You know how I know? Because he has his head."

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. You have to admit, though, that piping hot revenge is way more satisfying to watch. It was even kinda heartwarming, in its own way. Can't blame a dude for standing up for his friend — and then making a person's eyes go flying out of their skull, because video games.

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    Is it just me or is the new Mortal Kombat just bringing out all the wankers and the horrible people in gaming (who used to reside in those popular shooting games)?

    Online in MK is really not a place I want to visit

      No? A lot of people I've met are rather nice, including me.

        If you are on PS4, add me - I would like to play against some decent people online.

        But please don't use Scorpion

      That's just Online in general. The FGC is still a pretty welcoming crowd online and offline I've found, yknow, as long as you can handle fighting people who are better than you.

        I dunno man, there is a Melbourne FGC on Facebook that I joined and everytime a new person posts a question or comment on there, the 'community' just tears them apart

          That's a shame to hear that - it might be MK specific? I made a doco about a newbie player and the Melbourne FGC and they were amazingly welcoming. If you can go to a meet up I recommend it.

      Not really. Mostly just people who will far outclass you no matter how good you think you are. I've had a few even send me messages pointing out what I was doing wrong and how to strengthen my game in the nicest way possible.

      Always going to be a few tool bags intent on making people miserable. Part and parcel of the online experience but the Fighter community is one of the better ones.

    I dunno, my response would have been, "He's a jerk. Move along, nothing new to see here." Instead they kind of stooped down to his level.

      Thats what i think.

      The trash talking at the end was worse than the tea-bagging for mine

        That what I was trying to (un-eloquently) say in my first comment above!

    I don't get it. This is revenge?

    Revenge is learning how to play, get better then beating this guy the next time you meet, or better still becoming a good MK player such that your name is on the leaderboards.

    This is just running and hiding behind someone whenever you lose...

    I dunno, I kind of feel like the guy getting revenge was the bigger douchebag here.

    First off, crouching next to a standing player is not "teabagging", and secondly, there is an achievement for crouching 30 times during the fatality sequence. Maybe the guy was trying to get that?

      The achievement is called Trolling, it's pretty obviously a reference to teabagging.

        Even if it is, the guy getting revenge was a much bigger jerk than the guy who crouched a few times.

    Jesus, its just a god damn video game. See, this is what I don't understand about video games these days. 10 year ago. I would sit down with my mates and play games and we would have whats called "Fun". Now its all name calling, over the top competitive league bull shit.

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