Now That's A Lot Of HP

Now That's A Lot Of HP

Briefly: Via Miiverse, a screenshot from the Japanese version of Xenoblade Chronicles X (which comes out in North America and Europe later this year). Is this the most damage we've ever seen done at once in an RPG? Discuss.


    This isn't really unusual. Like avsky said, the Disgaea series had absurdly high damage caps as did Mugen Souls. Actually quite a lot of NIS games have absurd damage caps. Heck, even FF XIII could go up to 999, 999. For someone who writes the JRPG column, Jason constantly surprises me with the things he doesn't know about them.
    Now, can someone please help me off this horse, it's a little tall.

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    Hopefully we'll be able to turn those numbers off, or make them incredibly small.

    A 25 man raid wiping World of Warcraft mechanic such as an enrage timer or a oneshot AoE mechanic would look like that.

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    If you count diablo 3 as an RPG, then no.

    The style of damage bubble reminds of getting crits in Ragnarok online.
    Ahh, them were the days.

    when games get to this level of ridiculousness with damage i don't understand why they don't squish the numbers. just looks stupid and clutters the screen with crap

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