Remember This?

Coming in at the very last minute was Zar with the right answer. Bloody hell, I thought I had you all!

The answer was Devil May Cry 2. Well done!

Good luck with today's effort and have a great weekend everyone!


    my initial reaction was one of the gta 3 trilogy but after googling the road textures of all of them I can't find a match

    One of the Spider Man games? Maybe SpiderMan 2?

    interstate 76 or 82. Or maybe the newer one they did, think it was vigilante 8 or something.

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    I can see Serrels each time someone gets the more obscure images, his brow furrowing with frustration, eyes narrowing as he steels himself for another challenge.

    "How did they guess that one? It was a screenshot of a wall! Every game has walls! Maybe I'll try bullets. Heaps of games have bullets!"

    A quick search and crop later, the final upload is completed with a triumphant click.

    The next day, once more the brow creases.

    "What the flaming hell?! Fine. What else are in a lot of games?? ROADS!! Try figure out which road THIS is, you b******!!"

      He should know better. He tried roads once before, which pulled out one of the most impressive victories I've ever seen here.

      I think the answer in that case was GTA 2

    C&C Generals? It's about the nearest road texture I can think offhand

    Everyone is guessing racing games because there's a road and a car but that's a red herring!

    The car's wheel is clearly shaped in a 6 sided polygon. Thats a low quality wheel meaning you not usually supposed to see a lot of them close up. So that's free roam first persons like GTA out and racing games are out.

    The reason its not al old racing game is because theres mip mapping going on in the road meaning its likely around the late nineties to mid 2000s.

    Whatever the player is controling cant be a human sized thing as the details on the car are too small. They could be a flying vehicle or potentially omnipient person.

    Im thinking some novelty game about blowing crap up or a potential city builder.
    As a wild card it could be a really poorly designed truck driving game with blowing things up

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      You migh be right, could be a side street in Spiderman, or something like Dead Rising or Infamous.

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      I tend to agree it appears to be a car as more decorative purpose than anything more.

      As poita says it is something like a spiderman or dead rising type thing, I said Syphon filter but that was because i couldn't think of anything else.

      Hmm... now that you mention it..

      Maybe Gunblade, the helicopter gunner arcade game?

        Just checked out some screenshots. Lines on the road are close.

    Just Cause!
    Just Cause 2!
    He's got me with his wire thiiing!!

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