Remember This?

Finally I got you! I GOT YOU. Day 2 baby! I made it to day 2! No-one correctly guessed Friday's Remember This, so today I'm dropping a second clue.

On Friday you got a road. Today you get a picture of the sky.

Good luck everyone, and here's Friday's pic to help you all out.


    Definitely not a racing game imo. I think its something like Virtua Cop or Time Crisis.

      Judging by the fact you can clearly see a wheel of a car in the corner of the screen - its Project Cars..

    Hulk: Ultimate Destruction?

      I was thinking "The Incredible Hulk" on PS2, it looks like one of those kind of games.

    True Crime, Streets of LA?

    Or maybe that Earth Defence Force game with the giant bugs.

    Gonna go with either the PS1 Ghost in the Shell game or Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex.

    Reminds me of Project IGI or IGI 2

    Tokyo Jungle?

    Metal Gear Solid? Friday's pic reminds me of the endgame where you're chasing/being chased by Liquid Fox. I know I'm wrong though, but worth a shot.

    I missed the guesses the other day but Destruction Derby?

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