Remember This?

Well done to sunskorpion who managed to guess Friday's Remember This. God knows how.

It's ridiculous I tell you! Anyway, sunskorpion correctly guessed that Friday's game was Beyond Good & Evil.

Good luck with today's game.


    Can't say why but I'm getting an FFX vibe from this one.

    Biker Mice from Mars!

    Also Bully :D

      This isn't the screenshot but its the entrance which reminds me of it.

      tut tut, you're supposed to just guess Biker Mice from Mars, not get the actual answer!

    Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy? [though, it looks too high res for that...]

    Virtua Fighter 2...maybe?

    I dont know why but I'm getting two vibes of this one.

    The Darkness.

    Think we might need to start going back to the YouTube screen grabs again, the ones that can be reverse image searched always end up getting solved too quickly.

    Smuggler's Run

    Gonna go with FF8. Both the opening and ending fmvs have a similar scene

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