Remember This?

Some folk got close in certain aspects, but nobody nailed yesterday's Remember This. So here's a slightly more expanded view.

I'll put up another clue that might just give the game away this afternoon if nobody's any closer.


    Pacman on Atari?


        Curious as to what that "X" is. I don't think it's a normal pellet is it?

        Damnit, I convinced myself it wasn't pacman.
        The pattern is Pacman dissolving, isn't it?

          Lol, i'm pretty sure it's not pacman...the colors just reminded me of it.

          **Edit** Oh wait, it IS actually PacMan?

          Last edited 22/05/15 12:39 pm

          Yup. It's his death animation.

            You aren't meant to tell us straight away! Now what am I going to ponder about at my desk for the rest of the afternoon??

            You know what they say.... Managers shouldn't stare out the window in the morning, otherwise they'll have nothing to do in the afternoon.

            Tricksy! I was sure it was that maths game. I bet that was deliberate :P

          I was the same yesterday. Colours matched but I didn't consider the death animation!

    Alex Kidd in Miracle World

    Lemmings: X (the X has fallen off the cliff)

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